What Your Choice in Home Deco Says About You

What Your Choice in Home Deco Says About You

A person's dwelling can say a lot about their personality, lifestyle and preferences. Check out some of these common types and see if it resonates with you and people you know! Remember, it's okay to not fit the profile or into the box. There is NO right or wrong preference either. This is only a general description. Take what resonates and discard what doesn't. Enjoy reading!


1. Minimalist


You want the simple, budget-friendly life and nothing more. You can't care less about having extra things to impress people and having fancy decorations everywhere that will not be used at all. We applaud you for knowing living less does not mean living less (having less stuff does not mean NOT living your life). Less can go a long way. Rock that no-biggie individuality, all the way!

Minimalist Bathroom Design

2. Bohemian

You are unique, free-spirited and live your life with a "hippie" soul. You are open-minded, non-judgemental and welcome all sorts of weird pieces, patterns, colours and designs into your home. People probably flock to you because they feel comfortable and safe being just themselves around you, knowing you won't judge or try to change them for it. As a result, you have many friends and your living area is wide, warm, welcoming and comfortable — just enough to be ready for spontaneous visits from all your mates anytime!

Bohemian Bathroom Design

3. Natural


You are very tuned in to Mother Nature and like to have her near you or surround you in your domain as much as possible. You probably take pride in being a "plant mom" or "plant dad" and derive more joy and companionship from plants rather than people or pets. You practice green living and like your home products to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. As a result, products and materials such as wood, bamboo and cotton often cover your living spaces which are complemented by shades of green, brown and beige.

Natural Bathroom Design

4. Glamourous/Classy


You live the high life and flaunt it. You do not settle for less and you know what you deserve. You have high standards for yourself and everyone in your work, home, family, love life, social life and may intimidate others with your confidence as a result. You may even come across as "posh", "demanding" and "condescending" to those who interact with you. Let haters hate and misunderstanders misunderstand. Going for the gold does NOT make you less of a person. Chase your dreams, guard your ambitions, and show achievements in your lifestyle if you want. It's YOUR life and living space. Adorn it as you wish.

Glamourous Bathroom Design


5. Traditional


You probably like your home the way you've always known it (or the way your family has always had it) and rather stick to what you know. You are comfortable with what you're familiar with and see no reason to "modernise" it or change it just because. You respect the customs, traditions and rules of your family and your life but it's okay to step out of your comfort zone once in a while. It keeps life exciting! Buying a new, different thing or changing the colours/arrangements in a room is NOT heresy! Go try a small something that will freshen up your living space and the way you view the world today!

Traditional Bathroom Design  

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