What is Your Favourite Thing to do in The Bathroom? 您在浴室都爱做啥呢?

What is Your Favourite Thing to do in The Bathroom? 您在浴室都爱做啥呢?

Singing Aloud 大展歌喉
Standing in the shower, listening to the sound of water splashing onto the floor, seems like a must-have music when showering. We turn into bathroom champion singers without even realising it, having the concert of our own in there!




Zoning Out 放空
Sometimes, fast-paced life could be exhausting. We often find ourselves zoning out when we are showering, washing our face, brushing our teeth or solving physical problems. Zoning out in the bathroom without any disturbance, everything seems fine at the moment. After completing your “mission” in the bathroom, be sure to get back into the zone!




Counting Bathroom Tiles 细数浴室瓷砖
When you are doing “the big business” and do not have a cell phone, newspaper or a book in hand, what can you do to get pass this moment that has nobody to talk to and nothing to do? If the bathroom is made up of tiny little tiles, then you can spend your time here doing something productive. One, two, three…… count how many tiles are in the bathroom. Be sure to keep in mind, do not let yourself get hypnotised and fall asleep.

同样是“做大生意”,但是在没有手机、报纸和书本的陪伴之下,在这个私人空间里无人搭理,无所事事的,该如何渡过这短短的小时光呢?如果浴室选用的是细小的瓷砖,那么就可以过得很充实了。一、二、三······ 数数浴室到底有多少片瓷砖。切记,别走神把自己给催眠哦!


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Playing Video Games 打手游
In this era where everybody owns a cell phone, many do not go anywhere without it, taking their cellphone to the toilet is pretty common among us as well. Many would play video game or search the net with their cell phone since they have nothing to do with their upper body. Friendly reminder from us, bathroom is full of germs, you guys should leave your cell phones out when doing “big business”.


playing phone


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