Towels - How many do we need?

Towels - How many do we need?

A good bathroom with everything, and for good hygiene, needs at least three (3) towels. Personal hygiene is of the utmost importance right now in the fight against COVID-19. Let your three new BBFs (Best Bathroom Friends) help you.


bath towel
The largest towel you’ll need is a body towel. You’ll need it to dry yourself up after a shower or bath. Since it will be absorbing the most water on your body, it must be absorbent and kind to your skin. Hang it up to dry openly (unfolded) for the fastest drying rate.

Face towel
The next towel is your face towel. You’ll need this after a facial wash, shaving, and removing your makeup. Pick a towel that can handle all sorts of chemicals you apply onto your face and feels extra soft for comfort. Word-to-wise: do not blow your nose on your face towel! Use tissue paper instead.

hand towel
Your last towel is your hand towel. You may need more than one in your home: the bathroom, garden, kitchen, toilet, dining room, wherever you need to dry your hands. Keep them near sources of water like the sink, bathtub, shower, tap or hose. If more than one person uses the same hand towel, ask them to wash their hands properly before using the towel. You don’t want any towels to become a breeding ground for germs! Let them not transfer onto others, thanks.


Hanging towel
All your towels in general must be relatively absorbent, dry and wash easily, and feel smooth and kind to your skin. Keep them clean and do not reuse them after a week. If you accidentally drop them onto a dirty floor, change them immediately. Hang them AWAY from drains and toilet bowls to be safe. Do not let them stay moist for too long (let them dry openly and naturally) or fungi may grow on them (yuck!).

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