The Best Bowls For Your Business!

The Best Bowls For Your Business!

Looking for a new toilet bowl for your new home or freshly-renovated bathroom? Here’s our guide for you of toilet bowl features and characteristics to avoid.


Too high, too long, uncomfortable or tacky seat


"right height" toilets feature bowls


When doing your business, comfort and security (and PRIVACY) are everything! A toilet bowl that is too high will leave short feet dangling as Nature’s Offerings are given back to Mother Nature. An uncomfortable seat is a deal-breaker. Who wants to get up from their business feeling like their (outer) butt is on fire and they'd rather do their business somewhere else? Test out the seats first before choosing. We here at BigBath will not judge you if you want to “test sit” our models in our shops (just be sure to keep your pants on).


Slamming Lid and Noisy Flusher


Slamming Lid

Nnnnnng! Plop! Flush! CLUNK! Personal business is sure N-O-I-S-Y for “personal” business. A noisy, slamming lid is only going to make things worse. Much, much worse if Nature Calls in the middle of the night when people and children and infants are asleep, or when you don’t want others to know that that spicy meal IS taking an effect on you after all. So to keep your secrets safe, find a toilet bowl with a lid that closes comfortably and quietly and flushes without too much fuss.


Any colour other than White


Loud colours? Weird combos? Clashing against your overall bathroom style and design? NOPE! Classic white is the best. It’ll be harder to sell your home in a few years if people generally don’t like the design and colour of your toilet bowl. Save your brain cells for making more important decisions, and just go for classic white.


Sweating Tank and weak flushing capacity

 toilet tank sweating

A sweating or leaking tank is messy, icky, and not to mention an eyesore. A pressure-assisted toilet should help avoid this. These kinds of toilets hold water within an inner tank, keeping the outside dry. Some gravity-based toilets also feature insulated tanks, but they may cost a bit more. Invest in a good toilet with strong flushing capacity and you won’t have to worry about messing up your bathroom, flushing over and over again, or having to refill your tank (ugh).


Tough to clean with non-standards spare parts

 Tough to clean toilet

An extra household chore with parts that are hard to find (and may break down easily)? Triple nope! Nooks and crannies in two-piece models are harder to clean. Opt for a sleek one-piece model instead. Special parts require a higher cost of maintenance and replacement. Remember: your toilet need not be THAT unique if it can help save you a lot of headache.


Hope this helps. Happy stress-free pooping!

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