Is A Bathtub A Necessity Or Luxury?

Is A Bathtub A Necessity Or Luxury?

Many people believe that bathtubs are only for luxurious bathrooms and are not affordable, preferring to stick to showers instead. Are bathtubs a necessity, or should they be an affordable luxury? Here are some things to consider before adding a bathtub to your bathroom.

Beautiful Bathtub in small space Small Round Bathtub
Do you have enough space in your bathroom for a bathtub? A lot of them come in more compact sizes and lengths now. The average bathtub is 60 inches (5.0 feet) long and 30-32 inches (2.5 - 3.0 feet) wide. The most common depth of bathtub 14 - 20 inches (about 1.1 - 1.7 feet). But measurements may vary depending on the design and model. Take some time and work out what you have available in your bathroom if you’re considering a bathtub.
Bathtub Accessories  Bathtub and Accessories
Bathtubs should also be placed near where you can reach your towels, soap products, and other things you need during bath time. Imagine being in a room where the tissue rolls are far away from the toilet bowl. Same mood.

Big Bath Sabah Bathtub
Definitely, naturally. Big Bath has three types of bathtubs: Built-in Bathtubs (RM938 - RM18,058), Free-Standing Bathtubs (RM1,588 - RM20,948) and Massage Bathtubs (RM3,988 - RM68,688). Prices have been slashed a great deal. Come check ‘em out on our website or our stores!

Got enough time in your day for a longer bath? Go for a bathtub! It would be a shame to invest so much in a bathtub yet not have enough time to use it.

Running water or bath bombs?
Bathbomb  Black Shower Head

And lastly, your personal preferences do matter! Do you prefer having running water over you during bath time? Then a shower should suit you better. If you fancy bubble baths and want to use those cute-smelling bath bombs and soaps from time to time, a bathtub is what you need.

So if a bathtub is a necessity to you, that’s up to you to decide. We hope our tips helped you to make up your mind!

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