Last Minute Chinese Valentines' Day Ideas? Here's One for the Hopeless Romantics

Last Minute Chinese Valentines' Day Ideas? Here's One for the Hopeless Romantics

Our local Valentines’ Day falls on the 14th of August yearly. We’re lucky, we get to celebrate lovers’ day TWICE a year! Have no idea how to pamper the custodian of your heart this quarantine? We’re not hopeless romantics, but we’ve still got a few tricks to make their hearts aflutter!


 1. Be the Light to their Darkness


The times of working from home and ONLY being allowed to go out to get ONLY essential items can take a toll on everyone’s happiness. Having to shower three (or four) times a day and working demanding shifts is exhausting and costing too for frontliners. Listen to and be empathic with your partner. Try even if you are not walking a mile in their shoes. Even if they ask for nothing, lending a listening ear, some massaging hands, and a nice drink can do wonders for them, maybe even mend a broken heart or spirit. Being the Light to their Darkness, or the Light to their Shadow, and showing them the way to happiness or even a pit stop, is love.


 2. Remember little steps


Put the toilet seat back up after flushing. Refill the toilet paper. Warm the shower water before their turn in it. Leave the bedroom slippers next to the bed on their side. Roll the hose up after using it. Put things in the cupboards where they like it. These little steps add up and make your lovie’s life a little easier. New to cohabitation (living with each other for the first time)? Remembering your partner’s little habits, preferences, likes and dislikes and annoyances will help smoothen out the transition process. Make a list of ‘em. Lists aren’t childish or stupid. Not when they can be useful.



 3. Serve breakfast in bed. Yum-yum!


Waffles? Check. Apple slices? Honey? Check. Coffee? Check! Make mornings less grumpy with some num-nums on a tray brought to bed to Her Royal Majesty/His Royal Highness/Their Greatness. Your partner, if they are not the edgiest partner in the world, would appreciate it. Make some honey for your honey to truly sweeten them up and give you that sugary, gooey feeling inside! Beware, you may get DIABETES from doing this too often. Swoon……



 4. Help out with little chores


Do the dishes for your partner for a day or none at all (take a rest day, you both earned it). Or have a competition and see who can do the dishes (of equal amount) fastest and the loser has to order the next takeout. Whatever the result, you are both winners who deserve to celebrate each others’ successes and grow together! Need a place to store your cleanings? Try our romantic Wall and Bar Hanging dish rack C/W Tray from! For only RM158.00 (NP: RM225.00) and measuring 520L x 240W x 110H, this stainless steel tray is what you and your clean freak, organised, competitive partner needs. Let us help you get your chores done!




 5. Write them a song or a poem!


Get creative and write something original! Or, if originality is not your strong suite, change the words or lyrics to an existing song or poem. It does not have to be an old-timey one or a sappy romantic one. But something sweet, light and fun can work wonders in brightening up your partner’s day! Shine bright like a diamond, Rihanna said. Illuminate your creative abilities by piecing together quotes or lyrics or lines of poetry that you like and make something totally patchy, but you (or your partner’s). Or find a random page from a REALLY old book and cross out all the words until the few that truly matter are left. Surprise your partner. It’s not just the thought that counts, spontaneity and authenticity does, too.



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