MUST-HAVE Bathroom Products for Sensitive Skin

MUST-HAVE Bathroom Products for Sensitive Skin

Love showering, bathing, swimming, and the water in general but have bad skin? Can’t stand the water itself or the harsh showering conditions that make it a near-death experience (okay, we MAY be exaggerating)? We have some tips and products for you. Try these tips at home if you’re not keen on opening your wallet yet.


1. Built-In Long Bathtub W/O Panel (RM1,638.00, NP: RM2,340.00)


This is a classic from our built-in bathtub line! Measuring 1700 x 780 x 380mm and made of quality Acrylic Fiber, this product has been QA tested and is of comfortable and stylish design. It guarantees a more Comfortable bath experience. It also comes with an L- Shape panel.


If you’re going to be soaked with your bathroom products for a long time, talk to your doctor or dermatologist FIRST about what type of bath products suit you and whether showers or baths suit you better. It’ll be a real pain in the a** to have purchased a bathtub THEN to discover that baths are not good for you!



Is this a tad on the pricier side? No worries, Big Bath gotchu!! 
From now till the end of August, you can get a high quality acrylic bathtub for only RM999!! Too good to be true? 
Just WhatsApp us and we'll tell you how! 



2. Massage Bathtub (RM11,068.00, NP: RM15,800.00)


Can stand baths and want a home treatment? Try our massage bathtub. Sometimes we call it a sauna, because it might as well be one! This Massage Bathtub fits one person and comes with a c/w 3-Side Panel. Measuring L1700 x W800 x H620mm, it comes with multiple functions, including Pump Cleaning Function, Whirlpool Massage 1HP Pump, Sprinkler, Hydro Massage Jets and Leakage Protection.

The Massage Jet List includes 7 pcs Adjustable Big Jets, 3 pcs Small Jets B and 1 pc 1.5 inch Return Net. Optional Functions include Heater and Ozone adjustments.


The flow and pressure of water from a massage bathtub can soothe tired and irritated skin. If this doesn’t scream “GOOD FOR YOUR BODY!”, we don’t know what does.




3. Bath Mixer (RM298.00, NP: RM515.00)


Cooler temperatures are more suitable than warmer temperatures for sensitive skin. Never use temperatures over 30C if your skin is dry and prone to redness, itchiness or flaking. Listen to your body and adjust the water until it feels JUST RIGHT for you.


Try our bath mixer to customise your bathing experience. Made of brass and finished with chrome, this silver-coated product is suitable for any shower or sink! It can be used in kitchens, too!




4. Exposed Shower Bar Set (RM598.00, NP: RM890.00)


Want a full shower set under RM1000.00? We got one for you! If you are sensitive to water, showers and bucket-and-cloth baths are recommended compared to regular baths as you will not be emerged in the water the whole time. If showers are better for you, good for you, because our product range covers full shower sets, too!


This 1250mm (adjustable) product comes with a Solid brass exposed shower set for instant water heating. It is also Rust resistant and made of brass with chrome finishing. It has a-3 function diverter for hand shower, rain shower and spout. Lastly, it has a replaceable ceramic cartridge and handle. It is suitable for medium/high water pressure systems.



5. Round Rain Showerhead (RM68.00, NP: RM95.00)


Rain showers (where the water comes out in droplets from a wider, circular area) are more suitable for sensitive skin than hose or sink-types of water flow. Why? It evens out the pressure so it does not feel like a big blast of water straight at you, directly onto your skin, which can be bad for your skin. Showerheads can help in making a healthier showering experience. Try our 6-inch, Chrome-finished product for less than RM100 today!



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