Bathroom Buying Guide

Bathroom Buying Guide

Ready to go bathroom-shopping? Here are some general factors to take note of before you gather new things for "Mrs. Loo"!


This one is a must-consider! Does the product you’re interested in buying fit your budget? It’d be embarrassing to find out that you’ve taken up all your savings for one product or only one part of the house and have little or none left for the rest. Calculate your budget and decide how much you can allocate for a specific product.

Measurements & Position

Usage of Measuring Tape
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From bathtubs to racks to hooks to shower arms and whatnot, how much space do you have in your bathroom for how many things? Where exactly are you going to put them? Will the product be big/small enough to fit into the space available? Ask for measurements and use a measuring tape in your own bathroom if needed.

General Room Decor

 Bathroom Decoration Bathroom Decoration
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Does the product colour, shape and material go with the general decor, theme or aesthetic of your bathroom? Does it add on to the mood and feel of the room without overcrowding it or sticking out like a sore thumb? How your bathroom looks is important, too, as a place for you to unwind and wash away the grit and grind of the day. Visualise the product in your bathroom. If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy it.

Personal Preferences/Lifestyle

Bathroom Design
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Do you absolutely need that thing in your bathroom or is it just because it’s trendy or cute? Decide (it’s OKAY to buy cute and trendy things!). If it goes well with you and your lifestyle, feel free to invest in it. If your lifestyle simply doesn’t allow enough time for long, relaxing baths, forget about bathtubs (showers are cool, too!).

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