How Much Toilet Paper Do We Really Need?

How Much Toilet Paper Do We Really Need?

Tired of “hoarders” taking away everyone’s precious, precious toilet rolls from the grocery or retail stores? Mood. It’s gotten even Youtube-famous people angry and having to get their goods somewhere else, in small amounts, out of desperation, just to survive with their families. Here’s a breakdown of how much toilet paper you really need before you let the “hoarder bug” bite you:
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The amount of toilet paper or toilet rolls you need would depend on your health and diet (how many times you visit the toilet in a day), how many sheets you use per wipe, how many people are living in your household, and how long you will be quarantined (or simply staying at home).

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According to Wood of (he invented a toilet paper calculator for this!), most people visit the loo 6-7 times a day. The average consumer uses 8-9 sheets per wipe (57 sheets a day). A household of 4 people would need 1.1 rolls of toilet paper a day, 8 rolls a month and 32 a month. Those same 4 people would need 54 rolls if they were to be quarantined together for 50 days.

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If you’re living alone, that would make it, on average, 0.275 rolls a day and 13.5 rolls for 50 days, and 8.1 rolls a month (30 days). You would need only 8-9 rolls a month, and 2-3 rolls a week. Calculate how many rolls you need based on how long your quarantine would last, and how much you will need to spend per roll (based on brand, and by individual rolls or in bulk).

You may try using this toilet paper calculator at You may calculate how much TP you need as well as how long your existing TP will last. The calculator will also tell you (not to guilt-trip you, but……) how much water and wood was needed to produce that amount of paper.


Big Bath doesn’t sell toilet paper, but feel free to shop online for your favorite brands in bulk for the best offers and discounts and to stock up on your next quarantine wave. Keep in mind that toilet paper rolls thickness (number of ply), length, absorption and price may also vary by brand. So shop wisely! 

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Whatever you do, please DON’T be selfish or panic and buy every single roll you see in the shops. Other people need it, too. Good luck, stay safe, and take care!

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