Fight 2021: Empowering All to Go Through the Pandemic Hardships || Fight 2021 - 企业人民齐心送温情

Fight 2021: Empowering All to Go Through the Pandemic Hardships || Fight 2021 - 企业人民齐心送温情

Fight 2021: Empowering All to Go Through the Pandemic Hardships

KUALA LUMPUR: The pandemic is ruthless but not so with the people. Noting the worsening Covid-19 pandemic situation and many in the country have suffered hardship under the lockdown, Big Bath has recently stepped forward with an initiative - “Fight 2021” - to assist those in dire need of aid to lighten their burden.

Launched by Big Bath in the joint effort of Vimigo and Vsnap Malaysia, Fight 2021 is a charitable collaboration among a group of SMEs to impact three different groups: enterprises, employees, and citizens. The campaign aims to empower the three groups to survive through the hardship by bringing business opportunities for the enterprises, creating job opportunities for the public, and supplying essential resources for desperate families at the same time.  

Currently, the charitable initiative is already running, and customers can contribute towards this effort by purchasing a Big Bath Charity Cash Voucher worth RM300 or RM500. Half of the proceeds from the sales will go towards people in need. That said, by supporting this worthy cause, customers will make an immediate, beneficial and significant difference to the lives of citizens whose livelihood has been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic.

As well as contributing to the charity, the voucher holders can also enjoy the full value of the voucher to buy bathroom and kitchen items that are not enlisted to a special promotion at any of the Big Bath branches.

To purchase the voucher, please visit For more inquires, you may contact Big Bath’s customer service at


Fight 2021 - 企业人民齐心送温情

(吉隆坡29日讯)病毒无情,人间有情。随着国内疫情不断升温,许多人民的生活和生计都大受影响,Big Bath 延续其积极为公益出力的使命,推动了Fight 2021公益活动来协助迫切需要援助的人士渡过难关。

由Big Bath 连同 Vimigo 和 Vsnap 所共同发起,Fight 2021是一项结合一群中小型企业家的力量协助企业、人民和员工三大群体的慈善计划。该活动旨在通过同时为企业带来商机、为公众创造就业机会、为需要帮助的家庭提供物资来让这三个群体能够摆脱疫情所带来的的困境。



在为社会传递温情的同时,持优惠券者还可以享有优惠券上的全数金额,可在Big Bath任何一家分店用于购买非促销的浴室和厨房用品。

想要购买优惠卷的人士,现可到访进行订购。欲知更多详情者,请透过 联系Big Bath 客户服务人员寻求帮助。

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