Bookworm? Here's The Bathroom Accessories You Need.

Bookworm? Here's The Bathroom Accessories You Need.

Are you a bibliophile (book-lover)? Here are some gifts you can treat yourself! 

Toothbrush Holder

toothbrush holder

Image by: Kahmier

Use more than one toothbrush? Or love an old one so much that you just don’t have the heart to throw away (we won’t judge)? Or do you religiously change your toothbrush every 3 months and need space to store all of them? This bibliophile toothbrush will save your life (and space on your sink)! They can hold up to four toothbrushes but they are not placed very far apart. So when storing your dental buddies in here, place them with the bristles facing away from each other to avoid transferring germs onto another toothbrush (urk!).

Shower Curtains
bathroom curtain

Image by: HappyGabby

Privacy please! We all want our own little space when reading, daydreaming or showering, free and safe from prying, judgemental eyes. Opaque (completely untransparent) curtains with book-loving patterns ought to do the trick. Get one in a nice fabric with your favourite book quote or cover on it, or better — with some writing advice on it! Whether you write stories or not, everyone could use some mantra or advice in penning down our thoughts and letting it bleed through ink! Happy showering! It’s also a great way to make your bathroom look like a library, mug-holder not included.

Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser
Got kids and want to teach them to love books like you do? This will keep their bodies and their minds clean and refreshed. Get one in cute or retro designs and put your favourite kid-brand soap in it. Make bathtime a relaxing and fun time with oh-so-poppable soap bubbles and educate them while you’re at it! Some sets come with both a soap dispenser and toothbrush holder. A bargain!

Bath Towel
character bath towels
Baths and showers aren’t complete with something warm, fluffy and comfortable to dry you up. It’s like receiving a hug after completing the task of cleaning your body, or having them dry the tears and sweat that have dripped down your body. Your favourite author, novel character or fanart of your favourite character stitched onto that towel will make those hugs feel extra special. Mmmmm……

Bath Mat
bath mat
Wipe your feet, spick-span! Get a mat with a special saying that tells the world how much you’d rather be alone reading and shut out the rest of the world. Put it in your bathroom, right outside your bedroom or even outside your home for unwelcome guests to take the hint. Whatever speaks your words for you, homebound person.

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