5 Things You Should Totally Have in your Bathroom and Kitchen

5 Things You Should Totally Have in your Bathroom and Kitchen

Some things belong (and are a must-have) in more than one place. Here are a few things that will help make home life a little easier for you whenever you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, or simply answering Nature’s call in the bathroom.  


A Wash Basin/Sink/Faucet and Soap

 wash basin bathroom wash basin bathroom

modern wash basin bathroom

Who doesn’t need to wash their hands before and after making a meal or using the bathroom? A perfectly placed sink or faucet makes it very convenient to rid yourself of those nasty germs and residues that can make you sick. As for soap, you can go for the bar kind of soap, or the kind in bottles. Just make sure they are placed close to your sink or faucet on a stable, flat surface so that they won’t accidentally fall into the basin at any given moment.


Toilet Paper, Tissues and Kitchen Rolls

 modern paper holder  modern paper holder

wood series paper holder kitchen towel kitchen towel

Woke up with the flu? What do you need to dry your nose? After, um, relieving yourself, do you panic when there’s no toilet paper left? That’s why you should be prepared! Choose super-absorbent products and use them sparingly to minimise wastage and save the planet. Two-ply tissues are also thicker and recommended for better absorption and for more comfortable use.


Multi-Purpose Clothes and Hand Towels

 clothes and hand towel bathroom  hand towel

hand towel bathroom

After washing your hands, what would you need to dry up? If there’s a mess or a spill, what would you use to clean up? Just like tissue or toilet paper, these things prove very functional in bathrooms and kitchens, except that they’re not single-use disposable. Use a different cloth or towel for your face, body and hands and wash them regularly to prevent them germs from breeding on them (germs love to grow on damp places, you know).


Multi-Storage Cabinets and Drawers

 storage cabinets multi storage drawer 
 cabinet storage tips  kitchen storage tips

If flowers aren’t your thing, try bottles, boxes or canisters of synthetic but equally good smells. All you have to do is drop by any regular drugstore or home decoration shop and make your purchase. You can choose from smells like lavender, rose, bubblegum, sea salts, cotton candy and all sorts of other fun flavours and names. The world is your oyster, your bathroom is yours. So get creative and start experimenting!



 bathroom air freshener

Sometimes it can smell a little iffy after making a meal or paying a visit to the loo. A good, strong air freshener should cover it all up! Go for affordable or high quality ones from a drugstore or household store. You can get them in many flavours such as lemon, rose and lavender. You can also go for the packet types that you can hang onto something, similar to those that some people hang inside their cars.

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