5 Best Home Colour Ideas for Your Rooms - Pick One that Suits You Most!

5 Best Home Colour Ideas for Your Rooms - Pick One that Suits You Most!

New home, blank canvas? Fret not! Here we have compiled a list of amazing home colours that you can go for. 

1. Beige, Creams, Greys and Whites


These classics can go ANYWHERE. From the toilets to the garage. They are the optimum choices. Want a room to stand out with its deco and furniture? Then keep the walls clean and minimal. If white is too plain and empty, the other shades can fill in the space. New homeowners can "play safe" with these colours. They are not loud, non-offending  and can go well with any style or type of interior design. Enjoy!

Beige, Creams, Greys and Whites Home Design


2. Blacks, Silvers and Chromes (Metallic)


Wow, now these are some bold, BOLD choices. Strong black and shiny colours scream POWER and GLAMOUR at all visitors. These are best for the office, study or work room where you intend to feel powerful and plot your world domination (ahem) or feel confident enough to take on the world. They are also good for the bedroom and bathroom for a silent, private and secretive retreat if you prefer being powerful BY YOURSELF instead. We recommend using LOTS of black accentuated with a few metallics, silvers and golds. But if you are a flashy type and want it to rain glitter everywhere then go insane! It's okay, like that song suggests. Each to their own, and we're just here to help.


Blacks, Silvers and Chromes home design

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3. Blues, Greens and Browns

These shades are for the individual, down-to-Earth, and in connection with Nature. For those who prefer their living spaces to be a calm, undistracting place where they can sort out their thoughts and be productive, but also reflect who they are as a person. These earthy tones are best suited for places to wind down and focus, like the bedroom, bathroom and study room. Greens are suitable for the kitchen as well (for green eating and calmer food-preparing). But beware that too much deep blue can cause sadness, depression and boredom while dark brown can make one feel trapped.


 Blues, Greens and Browns home design


4. Pinks, Purples and Pastels

For the girly girls or even a TOTALLY MASCULINE home! The 3Ps are often associated with femininity and are suitable if you want to tone down the masculinity a bit and add some softness to the atmosphere. They can even make a totally bland room look brighter and more interesting. Opt these for the storage room, pantry and the garage to not make the place look so "abandoned" or "forgotten". Or paint it in your bedroom for a totally sweet retreat! Purple is said to inspire creativity while mint (pastel green, like ice cream) is refreshing and young. Have a special room for creative work? Let the walls inspire you!

Pinks, Purples and Pastels home design

5. Reds, Yellows and Golds

Want something as BOLD as black, silver and chrome but with a STRONGER chromatic content? The warm side of the colour spectrum oughta do you justice! Reds, Yellows and Golds are considered lucky, prosperous colours in Chinese culture. They are also scientifically said to boost mood, appetites and motivation. Thus, apply these hot, hot colours in your kitchen, living room or gym. They would pack in more punch in dining heartily, socialising with the fam and working off that extra fat. Bright colours can be more useful and less scary, if you know where to place them.

Reds, Yellows and Golds home design

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