5 interesting places to visit in Ipoh

5 interesting places to visit in Ipoh

Calling all Ipoh-malis! Need something fun but safe and close to home? Try these five things in one of the most popular travel destinations in Malaysia.

Try some local foods
Ipoh Food
As the second largest food capital in our country, this state has a lot to offer! You know Old Town White Coffee? That’s just the tip of the Ipoh iceberg. Taste the pride of Ipoh in the form of laksa sarang, curry laksa, nasi ganja, dim sum and most definitely Ipoh White Coffee!  A classic breakfast of butter on toast and eggs works wonders, too! These can be found in almost any coffee shop or hawker store. Eat on the go or chill at the table. Whatever works for you.

Check out Colonial Buildings, Architecture and Museum
historical travel spots
There is much, much history to explore in the little town of Ipoh. To name a few, there’s the Birch Memorial Clock Tower and even Kellie’s Castle. For more history, try the Geological Museum, the Ipoh Heritage Trail, Ipoh World, and the Han Chin Pet Soo Museum. So much to do, so little time. We’re getting worried for you if you won’t have enough time to see so much in a single trip!

Go to a Temple
Temples in Ipoh
Ipoh and Perak have lots of cultural and religious temples. There are Kok Long Tong Cave Temple, Ling Sen Tong Temple and the Sam Poh Tong cave Temple to name a few. As these are temples, remember to be culturally sensitive and dress appropriately for the trip and that only six (6) people at a time (including temple staff) can pray or worship at these places.

Visit Concubine Lane (or Memory Lane)
concubine lane

A vibrant buzzing street of tourist activity, check! Charming souvenir shops and stalls? Check? Fashion outlets, hipster cafes and sweet dessert houses? Check! Perfect place to bring your date to. Or your family to dig into the more modern parts of your roots and home state.

Visit BigBath!
Big Bath Ipoh

Our store and showroom is still open. Come by (with a mask and after sanitising your hands and registering) for more ideas on decorating your bathroom and kitchen, or if you need a solution to both or either room!

Have fun and be safe!

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