What is Minimalist Style? 何谓 《简约风》?

What is Minimalist Style? 何谓 《简约风》?

We always long for a clean and simple space to unwind when we come home after a bust day at work. Minimalist is gradually gaining popularity as the most popular style for interior design at the moment. Minimalist style transforms space into a simple and comfortable environment that helps ending your hectic day on a positive note. 


minimalist bathroom design

The basic characteristics of minimalist design are simplicity, practicality and cost saving. In term of modern living, many people like to simplify the furnishing component of their home in order to achieve the purpose of cost saving, practicality, zero-waste, comfortable living and also reflect a certain degree of aesthetic taste, to satisfy the needs of neoteric.


Minimalist Design Consideration 简约设计注意事项

Minimalist style is often misunderstood as “plain+thrifty”. If the minimalistic features are not handled appropriately, it may yield crude result that will much affect the effect it has on home decorating. Let’s get to know the features of minimalist style together!


Space 空间

minimalist design bathroom

Interior design emphasises spaciousness and transparency in terms of space, while graphic design usually is in the pursuit of freedom, unrestricted kind freedom, and the practicality and flexibility of space. Adding tempered glass to design not only can create a sophisticated look but also makes space look bigger. Coupled with natural lighting or harmonious lighting, any small space will look brighter, wider, and super stylish.


Accessories 装饰

minimalist bathroom design 

Minimise the decoration as much as possible, functionality is much more important than objects that have no practical value. Get rid of large sized decorations, the main point is to combine practical accessories and furniture to highlight the warmth of home. You can choose natural or manmade materials accessories and match them with coating or artistic paint.


Colors 色彩

minimalist bathroom 

The space itself is already very simple, so the colour choices have to be daring in order to create an extraordinary and unique design. It doesn’t have to have too many kind of different colours, what is more important is the overall look.Too many colours can make the overall design look messy and disarray. With minimalist design, higher purity colour shades could be used to show characters and also creates a refreshing look.


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