The uncomfortable 13˚ 累人的13度

The uncomfortable 13˚ 累人的13度

The toilet seat is tilted forward by about 13° to increase leg tension, whoever that wishes to use the toilet will need to maintain a “squat” position to use it.


Say goodbye to comfort breaks! 告别舒适的休息!

Toilet bowl
Left: Toilet with an inclination of 13°
Right: Normal toilet bowl

A British toilet designer, Mahabir Gill designed a toilet with an inclination of 13° to reduce employees’ time spent in the bathroom, in case they are trying to avoid work. He believes that this will help to reduce the frequency of employees going to the bathroom and thus it can increase work efficiency in return, and also to provide better bathroom facilities for offices and public places. 

英国马桶设计师 Mahabir Gill 以减低员工为了逃避工作而长时间躲在洗手间,故设计了一款倾斜度13°的马桶,他相信,这将有助于减少员工上洗手间的次数,从而提高工作效率。另外,也为办公室及公共场所提供更好的洗手间设施。

13 degree toilet bowl

This sitting position causes tension to both legs, so most people would not be able to sit more than 5 minutes. However, does this kind of toilet really reduce employees’ time spent in the toilet? Some people think that the reason why employees hide in the washroom to avoid working is due to improper management.


correct position

Hence, aren’t there other places to hide other than bathroom? In fact, what is the function of washroom? Yes, it is for convenient. So if we take away the normal function of a bathroom, would there be any negative impact? For example, those employees that have constipation problem might face problem in completing their missions in 5 minutes. So should they keep going back and forth the bathroom and their seat until missions are completed? Does this not affect work efficiency at all? In fact, you can just use a small stool to elevate your feet in order to solve this 13° problem. Isn’t it?


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