What Kind of Sink is the Best for Bathrooms in Malaysia?

What Kind of Sink is the Best for Bathrooms in Malaysia?

There are so many designs of bathroom sinks and washbasins in the market these days. As picky as we are, we are just so spoiled with choices.

Before you set on a design, there are several aspects that you should be aware of when it comes to bathroom renovation. You would need a guide of minimum bathroom dimensions, fixtures sizes, and clearances required for planning bathroom layouts.

Hence, here are some tips on what you should do when you shop for a new sink for your bathroom:

  • Seek a bathroom specialist

Most people think they know what they want and they can do it themselves, but will your bathroom look the way you envision it is a whole different story. When you hire a professional bathroom specialist, you can get their expertise on designs and fixture installation to ensure you get the bathroom sink you can be satisfied with.

  • Leave the original bathroom pipework if possible

By leaving the pipework as it was, you get to save on money by reducing the (de)construction work required. The only work needed is considered minor, such as some modification of additional pipework to fit your bathroom fixtures.


  • Pay attention to your bathroom sink

What does your current bathroom sink look like? How much space do you have? When replacing the old with the new, you can consider upgrading from a basic wash basin to a basin cabinet. With the additional storage area, it will make your bathroom much more organized.

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