How to Keep Your Sanitary Ware in Your Bathroom Clean While Saving on Water

How to Keep Your Sanitary Ware in Your Bathroom Clean While Saving on Water

The bathroom is where we keep ourselves clean, but we tend to neglect the cleanliness of the very thing that keeps us clean!

No, I’m not telling you to take a waterjet and spray all four corners of your bathroom. Here is how you do it:

  • Gather the cleaning supplies

A bucket of water, sponge, and soap is essentially what you need, along with a rag and toilet cleaner.

  • Dispose trash and expired products

Go through your drawers and look for expired makeup and skincare products, and toss them away. Using expired products on your skin may cause irritations. As disgusting as it sounds, used cotton pads and tooth floss are also commonly just placed by the sink. This is the time to take out the trash!

  • Wet and wipe the surfaces

You do not want your sponge/rag to be dripping with water when you are cleaning the surface. This would lead to water stains. A damp sponge/rag is sufficient to clean the top of your drawer and bathroom vanity. When wiping the surface of the mirror however, you should use a glass cleaner on old newspaper to ensure a shiny surface that is free of water stains!

  • Scrub the sanitary ware

Bathtubs and water closets are prone to bacteria growth due to them always being moist. Use an antibacterial cleaner and scrub the inside to remove stains and dirt. Remember to wipe the surface of the sanitary ware with a damp cloth too.


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