How to Make Your Shower More Efficient

How to Make Your Shower More Efficient

Each morning you wake up, you step into the shower to start your day… Next thing you know, you find yourself rushing to work after barely having your morning cup of coffee. 

Who doesn’t love taking a relaxing long hot shower to feel fresh? Well, maybe not too much that it disrupts your morning preparations. So, what can you do to get in a more efficient shower?

  • Avoid washing your hair too often
  • While washing your hair after a day’s work may feel satisfying, it is not advisable to wash your hair every day, as doing so could wash away natural oil that your scalps produce. Moreover, washing your hair too often can dry out your scalp, which results in the overproduction of oil. This will end up meaning that you need to spend more time washing your hair, making your shower time even longer!

  • Shower with cold water
  • I know the thought of showering with cold water may be insufferable, but showering with cold water can facilitate keeping your showers efficient! Showering in cold temperatures will force you to finish cleaning up yourself faster. Moreover, there are a plethora of benefits to showering with cold water. Not only do you get an efficient shower out of it, you get to save electricity from reducing the use of the water heater.

  • Be mindful with the amount of soap you use
  • There is a common misconception that the more soap you use, the cleaner you get. This is simply not true! Putting on too much soap actually does more harm than good, because it strips off the natural oil from your skin and dries out your skin. Besides that, using too much soap requires more water to wash the soap away. Therefore, you end up spending more time cleansing yourself. 

  • Use a hansgrohe shower set

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