Toilet Buying Guide: Types of Toilet Bowls & Their Benefits

Toilet Buying Guide: Types of Toilet Bowls & Their Benefits

Considering that it is something which an average person will spend about three years of their life using, a good toilet is truly an integral part that we can never ignore should we want to pursue a quality life. But as we all already know, choosing the right toilet bowl for home is not that easy - there are more factors to consider when buying a toilet bowl than you might think. Among the things you have to consider include “What are the types of toilet available to choose?” “How much is a standard toilet bowl?” and “Which type of toilet is the best?” - so that you can get exactly what you are looking for.

In order to ease your decision-making process, here we have listed several different options of toilet bowls and their pros and cons for you to find a toilet that is best suited to your needs and your home:

1. One-Piece Toilet - Easy to Clean & More Durable

Always getting yourself confused between a one-piece toilet and a two-piece toilet? Well, to tell the difference between both of them is, in fact, not that difficult - anyone can do that simply just by observing the joint between the toilet bowl and tank. You can immediately tell it is a one-piece toilet when both its bowl and tank are connected directly as one single unit without leaving any joints in between.

One-Piece Toilet

One major advantage of this one-piece toilet is that it is easier to clean with its seamless design that provides no space for dirt and bacteria to grow, which is also the major reason behind its popularity. Aside from being a more hygienic option, the one-piece toilet also has the upper hand in terms of durability. It is more durable than the two-piece one, thanks to its molded design that can keep water leakage or cracks between joints from happening.

While coming with more benefits, the one-piece toilet is generally more expensive than the two-piece toilet because of its higher production cost. But that does not mean it is not affordable for consumers. Instead, there are still many affordable one-piece toilet options available in the market, with prices ranging from RM500 to RM15,888.

2. Two-Piece Toilet - More Affordable but Harder to Clean

Whereas the one-piece toilet comprises one whole molded unit of tank and bowl, the standard two-piece toilet comes with a separate tank and bowl that are connected together by fittings. It is the most common type of water closet installed in many people’s homes, mainly because of its considerably lower price, ranging from RM388 to RM15,888.

Two-Piece Toilet

Even though it is less expensive and more affordable for many, the two-piece toilet is often an option that many tend to reject, given that it is more difficult to clean and maintain. The gap between the tank and bowl that provides a good breeding ground for dirt and bacteria can make your cleaning job extremely difficult - there is no way for you to clean it thoroughly unless you were to detach the tank for cleaning. 

Besides, the two-piece toilet is also less durable as leaks or cracks between the tank and bowl may occur over time due to the joint design. But the bright side is, giving the two-piece toilet maintenance or replacement does not cost you as much as with the one-piece toilet since you can get the parts for it separately, unlike the one-piece, which requires you to replace the entire unit.


3. Wall Hung Toilet - Ease of Cleaning & Minimalistic Look

If you are looking for a water closet that comes with a combination of features like classy design and space-saving, a wall-hung toilet is definitely the best option you can count on. With its water tank “hidden” inside the wall, the wall-hung water closets are generally more modern and aesthetic than the floor-mounted ones - perfectly fit for those who want to design their bathrooms into minimalistic styles.

Wall Hung Toilet

And it takes up lesser space too by having the tank inside the wall - saving up to 12 inches of space for you to accommodate other stuff in the bathroom. Not only that, but the wall-hung water closet is also easier to clean compared to the regular floor-mounted toilets since it is installed at least 15 inches off the ground. The fact that it does not touch the floor means you can easily clean the space around and underneath the bowl without needing to bend down. 

However, don’t be surprised that the wall-hung water closet may cost you a relatively higher installation fee as it requires complicated plumbing work and labour. And it’s more expensive too (starting from as low as RM668) compared to the standard toilets, given the variety of shapes and designs that it comes with.

4. Intelligent Toilet - Perfect Combination of Comfort, Hygiene, and Eco-Friendly

Also named as the smart toilet, the intelligent water closet is exceptionally known for its user-friendly features, innovative tankless design, sophisticated look, and diversified functions that one could never find on a standard toilet. It is arguably the most convenient water closet to use, considering its all-in-one functionalities like induction flip, heated seat, smart drying, and photosensitive nightlight that can simply be controlled by using a remote control -  or even a mobile application. It is also more user-friendly for people with disabilities and the elderly by having a sensory system that minimizes manual control. 

Auto WC

Also, with the intelligent water closet, you can almost need not spend time washing the toilet as often anymore, given that it comes with a self-cleaning function. That means there is no need for you to manually flip over the seat cover and flush the toilet, as all these will be automatically done once you get up and walk away. Besides, the foam shield feature that most intelligent water closets come equipped with can also effectively keep splashes, dirt adhesion, odor, and bacteria from forming in the toilet, making it a lot more hygienic for use than the standard toilets.

Not only is it convenient and hygienic for use, but the intelligent water closet is also environmentally friendly with its built-in bidet and smart dryer features that can effectively cut down your usage of toilet paper and thus reducing deforestation. In addition, it also helps save your water usage by distributing exactly enough water needed to flush the waste rather than using the same set amount of water for flushing like the standard toilets. With that many benefits coming into one, the intelligent water closet may cost you around RM5,388 to RM15,888. Albeit being relatively expensive than others, it is definitely the worthy investment you can ever get.

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