Malaysian Bathroom Requirement Guide by Household Size

Malaysian Bathroom Requirement Guide by Household Size

A home must be adapted to suit the needs of the person or people who live(s) in it. How many bathrooms do we really need in a house? How many toilets and showers should a home for a small family have? Should a couple share a bathroom or have one each? Answer these questions and more in our article below.


1. Singles/Solo


With only one person living in a house, one bathroom (with one toilet and one shower) will do. Or two for easy access (if it's a bigger house) and for a guest — put it in or near the guest room. Keep in mind that more bathrooms equals more cleaning duty, more time and more maid working hours. So as long as the facilities get the deed done and suit only YOUR needs, less is more. With that in mind, feel free to splurge a little more on bathroom decor because, after all, it's only one bathroom.

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2. Couples (2 people without children)


If you are comfortable with sharing a home with your partner with only one bathroom, then cohabitate together and share the bathroom (plus bathroom chores) equally. Or if you both have the budget to renovate or move into a home with two bathrooms, go forth! Whatever you do, plan for your future together. Two showers, two baths, and two toilets are investments. Just like with buying a car, check your joint/individual bank account(s) before you get excited about the model. You may need to move to another home or town if a child (or children) is one the way. A single-bathroom home will NOT be forever for a couple planning to have kids. Choose wisely.

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3. A Small Family (up to 4 people)


You need at least two bathrooms (because parents can function at different schedules, depending on who gives or has given birth). If you have newborns or very small children, have a nursery next to either bathroom. Store diapers, baby/junior clothes and safety stuff in the bathroom cabinets. Keep medicines and cleaning products away from the reach of your children. Baby-proof and child-proof your doors and corners before declaring the bathrooms safe to use. A lock on the bathroom doors would be useful because privacy away from the children is important, too. Good luck!

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4. Rental House


A rental house can have a whole row of bathrooms or a whole row of toilets and showers, depending on the maximum capacity of people living there. Usually they would have a few bathrooms per floor or one bathroom per rental room. A rental house is a space for the public and service/maintenance should be paid for by the landlord or person who owns/is in charge of the rental house. If a single bathroom, shower or toilet is shared by many people, a meticulous and diligent cleaner is needed to sanitise and disinfect the facilities, especially during a pandemic like now.


If you are living in a rented space (whether a bungalow, single-story, double-story, apartment, etc.) take good care of the bathroom and place anyway even though it is technically not "your" bathroom or home. Your rent need not be any higher or costly so do your part.

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