Mirrors: What Lengths Would You Go?

Mirrors: What Lengths Would You Go?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the wisest mirror-shopper of them all? YOU! That is, after reading this article.

How long (or far and wide) should our mirrors be? It depends. Consider all these lengths to find one that will suit you best.

full length mirror
Full-length mirror: this type reflects you from head to toe. It is the best choice for a dressing room or bedroom for when viewing a full outfit (and taking a selfie #OOTD). Coffee date? Work? Night out? Business event? Wedding dinner? This mirror will save you! It doesn’t have to match your exact height, but the longer the mirror, the likely more expensive it’ll be. Keep that in mind.


Half length Mirror
Half-body mirror: These mirrors only show the upper half of your body (torso upwards). They’re good for checking out that new necklace or top you just bought, or if they go together. They are a cross between small table mirrors and wall mirrors. Place them at just the right height on the wall (at a position in the room that doesn’t reflect off too much light) and you’re good to go!


Make up mirror
Make-up mirror: Not just the pocket or handbag-friendly ones! These mirrors go well on your make-up desk (or on the wall, like in concert backstages or celebrity dressing rooms). They show only your face and/or shoulders and are perfect for examining a new make-up look or hairstyle. Natural lighting is best for when applying makeup. Otherwise, store-bought (artificial) is fine.

They say the more mirrors you have and the more selfies you have, the vainer you are. But a little vanity is fine (lookin’ good there!), so don’t let anyone shame you for doing any mirror-shopping and enjoying your purchases!

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