Must Know Tips to Make Designing or Renovating Your Dream Bathroom/Kitchen FUN!

Must Know Tips to Make Designing or Renovating Your Dream Bathroom/Kitchen FUN!

Creating a scrapbook (pasting pieces of scrap into a book) or a moodboard is a great, creative way to put down the general feel of an idea and to make it seem more concrete and achievable. Here’s a few tips on what you can put in your scrapbook when you’re designing a new bathroom/kitchen or renovating an old one (P.S.: a scrapbook is basically an extended moodboard!):


1. Colour Palettes/Schemes


A splash of colour can give your bathroom or kitchen a whole burst of mood and personality. Even achromatic schemes (blacks, whites and greys only) add a spark of their own. You may print them out from the internet or cut up some old magazines and reading material (if you want to save on paper). Use glue or thumbtacks to nail them down onto your scrapbook or board. Do a little colour study to find out what colours or colour combos go well, together. Happy hunting!


 2. Pictures of little things and accessories you like


See a picture of a little something you like? A decoration or something functional and practical? Paste it in! It can be from interior design magazines, journals, general newspaper articles, specialised books, and even ads! Make sure the sources are something that you CAN cut up and destroy and discard. If it looks new or still wanted, don’t touch it.


 3. Example photographs


See a picture or photo of a large something (or a whole room!) that you like? A product or an arrangement of decor? Paste it in as well! It can be from ANY source that’s cuttable and pastable on paper or onto board. Just make sure to choose your images wisely. If they are on the same pages (front and back) cutting out the image on the front page may destroy the one on the back page, and vice-versa. Plan your cuttings wisely.


4. Little notes (lists, pros & cons, etc)


Torn between two options? Make a list of pros and cons to help you decide. Stuck and need more ideas? List down some keywords or themes and pick one. Got something to say about a product, design or colour scheme? Paste the picture down then write down your own comments next to/above/below it. Or just make a shopping list once you’re sure of what you want or need. Pictures mean nothing without your own personal touch and markings on them.



All you need is an empty or old notebook and a plain board (foam or whiteboard or even a mounting board) for your work. Now get cutting, pasting and scribbling!


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