The Best Bathroom & Kitchen Products for Women!

The Best Bathroom & Kitchen Products for Women!


This March, treat yourself to some yummy goodies for Women’s Day! Not sure what to get her or them (or yourself)? We got some tips for you:


Makeup Organizer 

For the modern woman who needs to look good even while #WorkingFromHome or whenever she feels like it (Feminism is all about accepting and respecting ALL women’s free choices after all)! Whether your stash is big or small, makeup organizers are sure to keep ‘em all tidy for you. Just be sure to keep your products away from direct sunlight or moisture because it can make them go bad and expire really quickly.


Coffee Tins

A woman's caffeine fix is her Magic Potion. Her felix felicis, her Chemical X, her Spinach. You get the idea. Get a set of tins that help separate the coffee from the sugar, the creamer, the salt, the flour…… all that powdery stuff. They need not be big, just make sure they are labeled or differently coloured so that you don’t mix up the ingredients. A witch or wizards’ potion ingredients stash must always be organised!


Fluffy Bath Robes

A huggable, wearable buddy to hug you after a long weary shower is SO good for the mind, body and soul. It doubles as a towel and also every day lounge wear when you don’t feel like slipping into anything else for the rest of the day. Just make sure the wearer is not allergic to the material of the bathrobe. Stay dry, stay clean, stay comfortable, stay happy, stay awesome, woman!


Trendy Utensil Set

In plain black, chrome, solid colours, bright patterns, or whimsical iridescent colours (the rainbow types that reflect light), cooking looks good with a set of modern storm-cooking tools. From spatulas to scoopers to ladles to turners, a set should have everything or you’ll have to buy them separately at different places for different prices (ugh!). A nice hardware or DIY store would do. They should have ‘em (even separately but at least the prices are reasonable).


Reusable Candles

You know those candles where the wax melts into the bottom container after its use for the first time and can be burned again? Those are major savers! Get your girl and/or your women some nice, looooooong colourful scented ones (ask them what scents do they like first!) and you’ll have a nice-smelling room for a long time until it’s time to get a new candle.

Products from BigBath for all the amazing women in your life!

  1. Mirror with Rose Gold Stainless Steel Frame (RM258.00, NP: RM360.00)


Measuring 600X800mm, this simple-styled bathroom mirror can be hung as a decorative piece with its modern colors.


  1. Concealed Bath Mixer (RM418.00, NP: RM590.00)


Made of Brass with Matte finishing, this dark, hidden, minimalist and elegant bath mixer is perfect for discreetly setting the waters to the temperatures you like! Pair it up with a classic white bathtub to make it not-so-hidden!

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