4 Ideas to Design Your Own Dream Bathroom - Yet So Simple!

4 Ideas to Design Your Own Dream Bathroom - Yet So Simple!

Living alone? Yay, the freedom of choice all in your hands! Room to sleep and move around and do things in your own time as you like! Enjoy it while it lasts and make the place totally yours with these tips:


Lotuses and Water Lilies


Got a small pond or bathroom garden? Make it totally zen with these water-friendly plants! If you’re not keen about real plants, fake ones or plastic will do. Products like lotus-shaped candles, rugs, bath curtains and prints will make your next trip to the loo feel like a rebirth or a cleansing of the soul. Good for getting rid of the toxic things in your life — flush it all down and be done with it!



Home-Made Paintings


Who doesn’t love to be bitten by the creative bug every now and then (or if it’s a permanent “infestation” of it inside you, even better — you need an outlet!). Paint a few pictures (acrylic, watercolour, oil, your choice), frame up your favourite ones and hang ‘em up on the wall. Show off and be reminded of your creativity and talent every time you take a leak or a dump or a shower or just go there to cool off.





Got a lot of little stickers, large sketchbooks, pieces of scrap paper, card-making materials and marker pens and don’t know what to do with them? Make a collage out of something representing a big idea or a theme! For example, your favourite book. If the book or novel takes place near the ocean and has a lot of themes surrounding water, then put pictures that represent the ocean, marine life and water into your collage. Prefer to put random things into it instead? Alright, as long as it’s totally you and is something you will never get tired of looking at.



Writings On The Wall


Do you own the property you live in and can do WHATEVER you want, HOWEVER you like? Write and paint on the wall. Seriously, do it. There’s this one person who painted the whole first chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone under her staircase and it looked SO good and (can you say) magical. Charm your home and visitors by adding your own special words, quotes, spells and incantations directly onto your lair.


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