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This stunning walk-in bathtub is made of high-quality acrylic and is perfect for anyone who wants a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. With its spacious dimensions of 1300 x 800 x 1070mm, there's plenty of room to soak away the stress of the day. The bathtub also features a head pillow for added comfort and support.


  • Made of high-quality acrylic for durability and longevity
  • Spacious dimensions of 1300 x 800 x 1070 mm
  • Walk-in design for easy access
  • Head pillow for added comfort and support
  • 2-year warranty


  • Luxurious and relaxing bathing experience
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Adds a touch of elegance to any bathroom
  • Perfect for people of all ages and abilities

Other Size:

  • 1100 x 630 x 920mm

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