Wash Basin - one of the essential accessories for bathroom. 浴室必备配件 - 洗手盆

Wash Basin - one of the essential accessories for bathroom.  浴室必备配件 - 洗手盆

How do we choose the most suitable one for our home? 市面上的洗手盆款式琳琅满目,要如何做出选择呢?

types of wash basin

There are roughly four types of wash basin, including pedestal basin, above counter basin, under counter basin and wall-hung basin. Differentiate their advantages and soft spots in order to choose the most suitable type for your household. Do not purchase unsuitable wash basins solely because of its appearance.



pedestal wash basin

Pedestal basin is usually used in a bathroom that has smaller space. However, the pedestal basin does not have storage space. Hence, you will need to store your toiletries on external shelves. This type of wash basin is more popular in the early days. Although modern households seldom use this kind of basin anymore, it is still the best choice for a small bathroom.



Above counter basin

Above counter basin is a much more popular type of basin, you can see it in the bathroom of many shopping malls. It is characterised by it’s posh design and simple installation method. Water doesn’t get splash onto the surface of the basin easily. Even if it does, it can be cleaned easily with a rag. Furthermore, there is space on the basin for storage. Simple and convenient.


Simple Design. Easy to use. 简单设计, 易于使用

undercounter wash basin

Next, under counter basin is a kind of basin that has simple design and also easy to use. The only disadvantage is that the junction of the basin and countertop may accumulate dirt easily and makes the cleaning process much more troublesome to deal with. However, the spacious countertop enables much storage space for miscellaneous products, making them readily available whenever you need them.



Wall-hung basin

All-hung basin and pedestal basin are very similar, but they are arranged to be hang on the wall. There are certain requirements to be met before installation, we do not suggest to install it on hollow brick or drywall. Another thing to be taken into consideration is, this type of basin does not take up much space, so you will need to have en external storage place for toiletries. Other than materials, you shall also take practicality and cleaning method into consideration according to your personal habits in order to not affect your mood when using the basin.


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