Create Your Own Bathroom 打造属于您的私人卫浴

Create Your Own Bathroom 打造属于您的私人卫浴

As time progresses, home furnishing is never overlooked in the history of the era. Many are in the pursuit of an extraordinary style when it comes to home decorating, just so that they can make their home unique and comfortable.



Unique, Comfort, Stylish, at the same time. 独特,舒适,时尚,你也能同时拥有

bathroom designs dry and wet area

Many homes are equipped with the kind of bathroom that is akin to those we can find in a hotel, those kind that have separate areas for both wet and dry zones. Dry bathroom area is for grooming while wet bathroom area is for showering. The main reason to separate the bathroom into two zones is to prevent water from spilling all over the space when showering and making a mess everywhere.


bathroom designs dry and wet area

To separate dry and wet zones, shower curtain or glass partition walls is the first choice for many people. In comparison, shower curtain is much more price friendly but glass partition walls are in fact the favourite of many people. This is because the interior of the bathroom looks bigger, brighter and more modern when it is furnished with glass partition walls. However, there is another kind of design that can also be used effectively as partition for wet and dry zones, and that is low wall.


modern bathroom low wall

What is low wall? It is a wall that is placed between the shower and grooming area, serve as the divider to separate two zones.You can build a low wall with unique design according to your preference in terms of size, style, materials or colour combination. It can be a simple kind of low wall; you can place shower products and small plants on top if it. Or it could be a trapezoidal design wall, to create a more stylish look for the bathroom. It could also be wavy or simply arc wall design. You can decide the shape of the wall according to your preference.


bathroom designs

The owner of the house can decide the shape of the wall, and have it custom made. Most of the time, you can just let the builder knows about your ideal design and they will build it accordingly; unique and durable at the same time. If you are still thinking about what kind of bathroom design you should go for, why not considering low wall. Create a space that is uniquely, entirely yours.


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