Top 5 Powerful Tips on How To Write a Professional Product Review

Top 5 Powerful Tips on How To Write a Professional Product Review

Just bought something from us (or someone else)? Good for you! We hope you enjoy your new product nonetheless and it functions as it is intended to. But what if it doesn't? What if it is not the right size, measurement, colour or material that you need? What if it doesn't arrive on time or hasn't even been shipped yet? What if it's the wrong thing entirely?!


We feel you, fellow shopper. Buying things on the Internet is commonplace these days. You can always write a review on the seller or company's webpage. But have you ever seen those comments or reviews that "don't pass the vibe check"? Take a deep breath and keep these tips in mind before you put someone in their place.


1. Don't Get Too Cutesy


On the one hand, are you very happy with your product? Yay! Let them (or us) know! But don't let your emotions get the better of you and type like a five year old. Keep it simple and tone down on the emojis and punctuations ("!!!!!!" is an eyesore, really). Be straightforward and type words out fully instead of using abbreviations (LOL, JK, LMAO, BRB, SMH, etc). You are not texting your "BFF". You are writing a review that may be published on a homepage and read by every customer. Want to get "featured"? Be professional.


On the other hand, if you are upset about a product, follow the same rules. Whoever's reading your review will have a harder time identifying your problem(s) amidst all the exclamation points and angry faces. So keep it simple and clear-cut.


2. Keep it Clean There


Always check your "vibes" before writing something that can be seen by anyone. You never know. That celeb-crush or potential employer of yours may be browsing the same websites you go to (who knows?), read your nasty comment or review, and decide that you're not such a good person to be associating with after all. So……


Don't post swear words. Speak of the project with a clean mouth and clean fingers. Avoid insulting or threatening the seller if you are dissatisfied with the customer service or product quality. Everyone gets frustrated, and with the number of orders they have to keep up with, it takes time for orders to be shipped out successfully. So be kind to working people in the middle of the pandemic, okay?


And keep in mind that comments or reviews can be posted to a company's website or retailer's page. The same rules apply here at Big Bath. If your review sounds even remotely attack-y or unfriendly, we may choose NOT to entertain your complaint at all, let alone post it onto our website.


3. Pros? Cons?


If you have a LOT of pros and cons to write, split them into separate paragraphs for easier reading.


Where the product succeeds and/or fails deserves to be mentioned. Does it run well on its own? Say so. Does it work better when paired up with other tools, pieces and accessories? Say so. If it's a cooking ingredient, does it taste well after cooking? How can it be improved? Is it too costly? Is customer service hard to reach? Say so. But say it nicely.


4. Media = Proof!


In an era where we can write, draw, capture images, record audio and make videos with the same device, use as much media as possible to support your claims. Take a photo to show the product's appearance and function. Record a video of the product's performance if you must. Post it all along with your written review. If something doesn't look or sound right, hopefully the retailer will be able to identify it and send a new (better) one your way, or fix the current one once you send it back.

5. Compare and Contrast


We here at Big Bath can handle constructive criticism (promise). Got another brand or retailer that sells at more reasonable prices? Tell us! Know anyone who gives better customer service and/or has a nicer web design? Tell us! Find it easier or harder to get to our shops? Tell us! Are we better than our competitors in any way? Tell us and pat our egos a little bit. We promise we won't tell them……


We're not here to start a war with our competitors or with others in the bathroom and kitchen industry. But here's a reminder that different people and brands handle constructive criticism differently. As long as you keep your words clean and professional, you've got nothing to worry about.

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