Three Simple Things You Can Do for a Clearer Mind

Three Simple Things You Can Do for a Clearer Mind

We all know that life is not always rainbows and butterflies, but there are some days that hit us harder than usual. When these days hit, they hit like a loaded truck. OUCH! 

Whether you are feeling stressed from work, responsibilities, money, or anything that you might feel is “minute”, your feelings are still valid. What you need is to take a breather, and a moment to clear your clouded mind.         

Here are some simple every day things that you can do for a clearer mind:

#1: Take a cold bath

Yep… you read that right! There are plenty of benefits to cold water immersion, that even professional athletes do it. A simple cold bath can reduce inflammation and pain, make you feel refreshed, and boost dopamine levels, which can improve your mood and clear your mind! 

All you need is a bathtub, and fill it up with cold water. Simple! Don’t even have to wait for the water to heat up first. 


#2: Take a long hot shower

If the thought of you stepping into the cold bath shocks you, then maybe a hot shower is just for you. Empty your mind while you embrace the warmth and feel your muscles relax in the hot shower. 

Alternatively, soak yourself in a jacuzzi. Empty your mind, while you take in the nice warmth.

#3: Go for a run

Another way that you can clear your mind is by going for a run. We know that may sound stressful already, but running can actually help you to destress. Your mind wanders with each step, you will forget about any stress at that moment. You don’t necessarily have to be in shape to run, just start slow! You will be amazed by the progress you make each run. 

If you are feeling sore from the run, draw yourself a nice hot bath to relax those muscles.

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