Celebrate International Women’s Day by Loving Yourself

Celebrate International Women’s Day by Loving Yourself

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March each year. This is the day to commemorate all the achievements women have accomplished in history, from fighting for women’s rights to celebrating women’s achievements in science, sports, etc. 

As women, we may feel pressured by society’s standards into fitting a cold, but there is no one way of being a woman. Hence, the best way to celebrate IWD, is just by loving yourself!

As mentioned before, there is no one way of being a woman, so practicing self care may seem different for many people. Hence, here is just a little menu for you to follow along (or not).

Self Care Menu:

  • Do Yoga
  • Doing yoga will help decrease your stress and anxiety, while promoting flexibility and a healthy body.

  • Take a relaxing shower
  • Some days you can just wash the stress away by taking a long relaxing shower. Did you know that you can improve your shower quality with hansgrohe’s shower? Whether it’s the exposed shower bar or the concealed shower, hansgrohe uses cutting edge technology, called Pulisify to transform water into PowderRain. Here’s to ensuring a relaxing shower each time! 

  • Eat a delicious meal
  • How many of us heard people telling us “You’re not going to finish that, are you?” when eating something as sinful as a chocolate cake? Women have been told to watch our diet and appearance for as long as anyone can remember. We are more than that, and we deserve to indulge once in a while! 

  • Sleep early
  • Any workaholic can concur, sleeping early is one of the most underrated self care practises there are. Some might think, “if I had all this free time, I’d rather be spending it on all the activities I can fit!” While you are free to do whatever you want, some days your body just needs a rest. 

    All in all, just remember to enjoy the little things in life. Always remember to love yourself, because you are beautiful, capable, present, and destined for greatness… Big Bath wishes you a Happy International Women’s Day to all you awesome women out there!

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