Tips on House-Cleaning Your Bathroom and Kitchen For MCO/ CMCO

Tips on House-Cleaning Your Bathroom and Kitchen For MCO/ CMCO

House-cleaning sounds like a too-hefty task to tackle? Here, let us at BigBath break it down for you.


      1. Clean Sink Areas

The sink is a place where you brush (and floss) your teeth, do the dishes, wash your hands and other things, wash your face…… so many things! A versatile utility like a sink deserves all your love. Scrub and clean off (with a cloth or brush) all grime and soap residue with an anti-bacterial wash and stock up on hand wash or dishwasher next to it for easy reach. Hygiene and cleanliness should equal convenience in a time like this. Get scrubbing, and don't forget the tap or faucet itself!

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      2. Wipe and Dust Surfaces

With a wet cloth, sponge or a duster, dust away at the rails, stair handles, gratings, handlebars, dividers, furniture and little nooks and crannies that can collect dust. Some corners and angles may be hard to reach so you may need to bend and have flexible fingers for them. If there's a LOT of dust, wear a mask or breather for the task. Yes, indoor masks come in handy, too, and not just during a pandemic.

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      3. Clean Drain Holes and Gratings

Everyone's least favourite but necessary task: removing hair from the drain! UGH! Use a drain cleaning liquid for this task. Pour it into the drain hole and then let it have a good rinse. Clean out the grating (just this one time and you won't have to do it again for MONTHS!) with soap and tissue paper and it's done. Phew!


      4. Toilet Maintenance

Make sure your toilet(s) can flush properly and the refill mechanism is working. And hopefully nothing is clogged in there, either! Poor some acid (carefully!) into the sides of the loo and give it a good flush out. Rinse and wipe the external surfaces with anti-bacterial soap. Imagine needing to go badly just to see it already overflowing with someone else's business. Nope!

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      5. Shower and Showerhead Maintenance

Who doesn't jump into the shower at the end of a long day working (from home or the office or elsewhere)? Or from dealing with the kids, family and other house chores and mealtimes? Once last task and you're done, promise. Make sure the showerhead, handles, switches, bars and little parts are all screwed on tightly and they work in when pulled/pushed/triggered in the right direction. Water pressure and temperature should be just right most times. The shower and soap bar should not drop too easily from the showerhead bar or the wall (it may land on your foot! OUCH!). So take care and have a safe, happy, relaxing shower.

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