Need Music While You Cook? Where To Place The Speaker?

Need Music While You Cook? Where To Place The Speaker?
Are you a music buff? Do you absolutely NEED music when working or cooking up a storm in the kitchen? Whether you prefer Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, an old cassette player, or even a classic radio, here’s where you can place the speaker so they don’t get caught up in the storm you are cooking.

On a shelf high up
speaker in kitchen
Place your music-playing device up on a shelf a safe distance from your cooking. Keep it away from hot steams and gases that may damage the device. Careful to put it in a position so it does not accidentally fall over and land into your culinary masterpiece. When they said “tasteful music”, they didn’t mean literally.

On a spare table
Prefer your music to come from a level ground? Put it on a clean table away from any foods, dishes or ingredients. If your device must share the table with your cooking appliances, utensils and materials, keep them separate and do not use dirty hands to touch your device. You’ll be singing a different tune if that device is old, vintage, expensive and hard to find or if it belongs to someone else. Brrr.

On a ledge by the window
Have a smaller device like a phone or tablet that can fit onto a window or ledge? There you go! Choose a window that is far away from hazardous gases and fumes. Leave it ajar (slightly to moderately open) for the cooking fumes and heat to escape. Do not open the window too widely or your device may fall out. It’s called Rock music, not Stone, Mud and Dust music.

In the next room
The kitchen sounds too hazardous for a jukebox? Simply place it in a nearby room. Sound travels in waves and it’ll reach your ears as long as your kitchen isn’t soundproof. Make sure the music is not too loud until it drowns out important sounds in the kitchen such as the “ding” of a toaster, the “beep” of microwave, or the sound of water boiling — anything that tells you time’s up and it’s time to change or remove something from a cooking appliance. You don’t want to accidentally burn your favourite toast or set the kitchen on fire simply because the music was too loud. “So let’s set the world on fire!” Yes, yes, F.U.N.. We know. But again, NOT literally.

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