How to Fix a Leaking Bidet Spray?

How to Fix a Leaking Bidet Spray?

There are several reasons why your bidet spray may be leaking after a few months of usage. In order to fix it, we must first understand the issue that caused it. 

  • High water pressure
  • We highly recommend everyone to turn off their adapter valve after each use, as the water pressure sustained by the bidet spray will cause it to leak in the long run. Another way to prevent leakage is by reducing the overall water pressure in your home. By doing so, you may also save cost and water! 

  • Damaged nozzle
  • The nozzle is the spray that disperse water from the bidet. The nozzle may become damaged after a while, so it’s best that you check what is wrong with it. The bidet spray can be opened to check if it is loose, cracked, or misaligned. A nozzle can be replaced, and your bidet spray will be as good as new! 

  • Connection to the valve
  • If you find that your bidet spray is leaking from the end of the valve, it could mean that your connection is either too loose or too tight. Yes, even connections that are too tight can cause leakage to your bidet spray, as the threads will be damaged from the excess pressure on the surrounding components. Whereas if the connection is too loose, there will be a gap between the threads, where water will leak. To fix this issue, you may tighten or loosen the connection to its optimal level. 


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