Big Bath E-Pay: Here’s How You Can Earn Up to RM2,400 Cashback || Big Bath 首推电子钱包项目 . 高达RM2,400返现待获取

Big Bath E-Pay: Here’s How You Can Earn Up to RM2,400 Cashback || Big Bath 首推电子钱包项目 . 高达RM2,400返现待获取

Big Bath E-Pay: Here’s How You Can Earn Up to RM2,400 Cashback

KUALA LUMPUR: Your chance to save up to RM2400 when shopping for bathroom and kitchen essentials comes now as Big Bath is currently running its “Big Bath E-Pay” campaign, which offers customers surprisingly high cashback on your online purchases. 

Already ongoing, the e-wallet-alike initiative is the very first of its kind for Big Bath, where individuals will earn themselves an instant cashback of up to 20% when they purchase a selection of bathroom and kitchen products like water closets, bathtubs, and kitchen sinks online. 

Specifically, customers will need to make their payments using the Big Bath E-pay wallet when purchasing the selected items in the Big Bath Online Store to be entitled to the cashback rewards. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to earn up to 20% cashback by shopping online with Big Bath E-pay wallet:

1. Register an account with Big Bath Online Store: At the home page, click on the navigation tab located at the top right corner, and select the “Register” option. Then, enter all the required information accordingly and you are in! 


2. Activate and reload your Big Bath E-pay wallet: Go to “Your Account” and input the amount you wish to top up under the “Your Wallet” section.  


3. Add selected cashback products to the cart: From the home page, go to “Products” > “Get Your Cash Back!”. Then, add your wanted products into the cart.


4. Check out and earn the cashback!: When you are done with your shopping, check out your order details and provide your shipping and billing information. Then, select “E-Wallet” as the payment option and proceed with the payment. Upon making payment, refresh the page and you will see the cashback amount added to your account! 

It is a pretty easy and straight forward process! For more information, please click here. Should you have any inquires, feel free to contact Big Bath’s customer service at

Big Bath 首推电子钱包项目 . 高达RM2,400返现待获取 

(吉隆坡30日讯)当您购买浴室和厨房必需品时,您将有机会节省高达2400 rm24,因为Big Bath目前正在开展其“Big Bath E-Pay”活动,该活动为您的在线购物客户提供高得惊人的现金返还。

这一个首次由Big Bath所推出的电子钱包项目目前正如火如荼地展开。民众即日起只需要在网上购买马桶、浴缸和厨房水槽等浴室和厨房产品使用Big Bath E-pay电子钱包来进行付费,便可立即获得高达20%的现金返还。

以下是如何通过使用Big Bath E-pay在线购物以获得高达20%现金返还的简单步骤:


1. 在Big Bath Online Store注册个人账号:于主页点击右上角的导航栏并选择“Register”的选项。然后,输入所需的相关资料就成功注册账号了!


2. 激活Big Bath 电子钱包并进行充值:点击前往“Your Account”页面并在“Your Wallet”下输入你想要充值的金额。

3.将想购买的返现产品加入购物车:点击“Products”>“Get Your Cash Back!” 然后,将你想要购买的产品添加到购物车中。


4. 进行结账并领取你的返现!:完成选购商品后,前往购物车进行结账,并提供你的运输和帐单资料。然后,选择“E-wallet”作为支付选项进行买单。付款成功后,刷新页面,你将会看到返还金额已经被添加到你的帐户中!

就是那么简单的步骤就能让你节省更多!欲知更多详情,请点击这里。如有任何疑问,民众可随时透过 联系Big Bath 客户服务人员寻求帮助。

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