Big Bath Corporate Social Responsibility 2021 - No.1 Life Makeover

Big Bath Corporate Social Responsibility 2021 - No.1 Life Makeover

Getting oneself a luxurious bathroom and kitchen experience can be a piece of cake for many. But to a group of children growing up in underprivileged and marginalised communities here at Martin, Negeri Sembilan, it may have been a luxury out of reach. 

Hence, in order to equip these children with a better quality bathroom and kitchen experience, Big Bath has recently made an effort to sponsor bathroom and kitchen facilities for a local social welfare organization-run learning center - Yobel Activity House (YAH) located in Mantin town. 

This initiative, which took place in June this year, is part of Big Bath’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme designed to enable people from all walks of life to enjoy the first-class bathroom and kitchen experience by using its products. 

As a responsible company with enthusiastic participation in social welfare activities, Big Bath has been actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, providing care and support to those in need since it was founded in 2010. 

Now, even if facing the great challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, Big Bath is still committed to the mission of delivering love and care to society, fulfilling its social responsibility in rendering help for those in need. 

Through its "No.1 Live Changer" CSR programme this year, the company has sponsored over RM6,000 worth of bathroom and kitchen supplies to Junior Univerity’s founded YAH, which provided Orang Asli children based in Mantin town free basic education.

This CSR programme, according to Big Bath's Marketing Director Carine Tan, was aimed to put Big Bath’s vision - to provide everyone with the best quality bathroom and kitchen experience - into real action by bringing the socially vulnerable groups the first-class bathroom and kitchen environment.

“We are running our CSR programme this year with a major goal, that is, to enable everyone from all walks of life to enjoy the No.1 quality bathroom and kitchen experience by using our products,” she said.

Carine said that through the contact with Junior University, the company learned that the organization was in the midst of planning to build the Yobel Activity House and was seeking assistance from each party. And that had led the company to the decision to step in to help the construction of bathroom and kitchen facilities in YAH, fulfilling the children’s need for a better bathroom and kitchen environment by sending its best-quality products there.

Overall, Big Bath has sponsored dozens of high-quality bathroom and kitchen supplies like 12 sets of water closets, 10 sets of basin cabinets, 12 sets of showers, 12 sets of bathroom shelves to the organization.


Junior University had expressed its gratitude for this and greatly appreciated Big Bath's significant contribution to establishing the Yobel Activity House.

The group’s representative Sandra said Junior University was a social enterprise aimed at providing the proper environmental resources and training for the underprivileged, marginalized, neglected, and abused.

She said the organization believed that all youngsters should be given an equal opportunity to build themselves a decent future through high-quality training programs, thus established YAH to provide the underprivileged communities children education programs for English, Mathematics, and Science.

For a non-profit organization like Junior University, building a well-equipped education center with limited resources was definitely not an easy case. But fortunately, with the strong support given by Big Bath, the organization managed to do it eventually.

“We are very thankful to the BigBath CSR Program for helping us to set up these basic facilities for the learning center of our programs. This CSR program definitely speaks of the good heart and will of a supportive, Malaysian spirit in helping other races, cultures, diversities, and the rural-urban communities,” Sandra said.

“Beyond the contribution, we recognized that Big Bath is sowing into the lives of the next generation by being part of a bigger picture in our society. It would definitely help change lives when we have a good bathroom and kitchen, and we would now be able to change the next generation's mindset on how we build, maintain, and care for toilets and kitchen.

Meanwhile, for Big Bath’s side, Carine Tan said that the company was pleased with the smooth completion of its CSR programme and was happy to see that it managed to achieve the goal of providing the children with a first-class bathroom and kitchen experience.

She also took the opportunity to appeal to organizations, NGOs, or schools in need to contact Big Bath via email ( as the social responsibility program progressed.

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