Massage Bathtub


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Looking for a Massage Bathtub in Malaysia? Big Bath provides a variety of good quality bathtubs for your bathroom! We sell modern bathtub/sauna/massage tub with different sizes.  

Massage Bath Tub c/w Apron
Massage Bathtub Size: L1650 x W740 x H600mm
-LED Light water circulation make your life colorful and not monotonous
-Bubble Magic to your body will be enclosed by the daedal bubbles from
the bottom of the bathtub; it will be a great experience for

● Bubble Bath (300w)
● Air Switch
● Hot / Cold Water Mixer
● Diverter Mixer
● Waterfall
● Hand Shower
● Diverter Mixer
● Hand Shower
● Massage Pressure Regulator
● Pop-up Drainer
● 4-side LED Apron

Massage Jet List
● 8 pcs LED Bubble Jets
● With Overflow

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