Why Water Pressure Pump? Top Tips on Improving Your Water Pressure

Why Water Pressure Pump? Top Tips on Improving Your Water Pressure

Facing the low water pressure problem at your home? You are not alone, as many of us have certainly had this “tough” experience too. The moment when you experience a weak shower at the beginning or end of the day, when you have to wait for hours for the toilet to refill… Ughhh, very frustrating and unsatisfying right? Don’t let the low water pressure problem spoil your life! Resolve it right now instead, simply by installing a water pressure pump!

Why do we need a water pressure pump?

1. Ease of living

Installing a water pressure pump can effectively help improve the flow rate of your household water. And this will undoubtedly ease your life as having a faster water flow will enable you to get your tedious house chores like dishwashing and laundry works done more efficiently, freeing up more time for you to Netflix and chill.


Plus, it will take you shorter (probably only a few minutes) to wait for the toilet to refill after flushing since the water will fill the tank multiple times faster when there is consistent water pressure. More time-saving and hygienic at the same time!

Toilet flushing

2. Guarantee a more comfortable shower experience

Satisfaction is when you have a warm shower that gives you blissful relaxation and helps wash off all your stresses and worries after all day long of working. And in order to ensure this satisfaction, all you need to have first is the strong water pressure in the shower, rather than soft dribbles of water that may frustrate you and make your showering inefficient.

Relaxing shower

In this respect, the water pressure pump can perfectly satisfy your need, given that it can effectively help boost the water pressure in your shower, guaranteeing you a stronger and more comfortable flow that can even create a massaging sensation while you shower.

3. Prevent pipes from clogging

Over time, your pipes can become clogged due to the entering of dirt, gravel, or sand that will create mineral deposits and cause a drastic drop in water pressure. While no one can avoid that from happening, there is something that we can do to at least slow down this problem - which is to install a water pressure pump. The high water pressure the pump generates will help prevent the mineral deposits from building up and clogging the pipes and eventually distance you from the poor flow problem.

Prevent pipes from clogging

Right, you have learned the importance of a water pressure pump. Now it’s time for you to install one at your home. But there are too many different brands that you feel difficult to choose from? No worries, as we got you with the best water pressure pump choice in Malaysia - TORA pump! 

Why choose TORA water pressure pump in Malaysia? 


  • Local trusted manufacturer - Our pump is manufactured by a trusted local brand with more than 10 years of water pump manufacturing experience (with factory based at Balakong, Selangor) 

  • Better quality - TORA pump is made of SUS304 stainless steel, making it more durable than the other pumps in the market that are manufactured using the cast iron.  

  • Affordable price - With only RM1,178, you can grab the TORA pump home to improve your household water pressure. 

  • Worry-free - TORA pump is locally assembled, with Big Bath being the main distributor. Hence, no worries that we have all the spare parts in stock ready for unexpected circumstances. 

  • Fast service responses -  We have our own professional service team, which is reachable at multiple branches nationwide and able to provide well technical support. 

  • Solid warranty protection - Every buyer will be provided with a 2-year manufacture defect warranty on the pump motor, pump controller, mechanical seal, and impeller.

Interested to know more? Feel free to contact our customer service at for more inquiries!

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