6 Reasons Why You Should Own this Solar Water Heater in Malaysia

6 Reasons Why You Should Own this Solar Water Heater in Malaysia

Looking for the best ways to reduce energy use and save big on your electric bills? Here’s one of the things you can do: Install a good-quality solar-powered water heater, like the one manufactured by TORA (and exclusively sold in Big Bath!). It is the perfect heating system that you can rely on for your daily bathing and washing use — saving electricity and money, too! 

Let’s take a look at the top 6 convincing reasons why you should totally choose/switch to TORA solar water heater in Malaysia:


1. Comes with a 12-Year Warranty

12-year Warranty for TORA Solar

A warranty that lasts long could probably give you peace of mind - particularly when it comes to buying a high-priced item, like a solar water heater, in this case, that may simply cost you around RM4,588 to RM6,588

In Big Bath, we never hesitate to provide warranties - even a long-term one - as we have faith that our products are of top quality - and most importantly - we want to ensure that our products can fulfill everyone’s expectations. Hence, as an assurance of quality, a 12-year warranty is what we would offer to everyone who purchases the TORA solar water heater from us.

Well, what does getting a 12-year warranty mean anyway? The answer is that you will be able to get free-of-charge repairing and replacement for any internal component under manufacturer defect for more than a decade! (exclusive of the labour and transportation cost starting from the second year of purchase) 

2. Made of High-Quality and Durable Materials

A quality solar water heater is a one-time worthy investment that can bring you a safe, energy-saving, and enjoyable bathing experience for many years or even a lifetime! The TORA solar water is, no doubt, falling under this category since it is exclusively designed according to the terrain and climate of Malaysia - which makes it more durable than most solar water heaters on the market.

And what’s more is that its water tank is made of marine-grade SUS316 stainless steel that provides excellent resistance to corrosion, giving an edge further to its durability. 

Manufactured using cutting-edge technology from Australia, TORA solar water heater also consists of internal components made of premium quality materials produced by top brands worldwide, including Conex from the United Kingdom, Kembla from Australia, and Thermowatt from Italy. It's just simply...WOW!  




3. It’s Super Efficient and Practical 

In addition to its excellent quality, the TORA solar water heater is also highly efficient at heating water and transferring heat, making it even more convincing that it is of the “best of the best” that you should have. It comes with a 42 square feet large collector panel equipped with 8-10 copper riser tubes and two hot-up riser water return pipes - which can help to ensure maximum solar energy collection and transfer to the stored water storage in the long term. In short, it guarantees a faster heat-up for the water needed for a shower! 

Meanwhile, some of you might be asking: can it still heat the water on cloudy days? Well, with the TORA solar water heater, that is definitely something you never have to worry about, given it is equipped with a backup electrical heater (with a resettable thermostat for safety) that would come into use when the water is not getting hot enough. And hence, you will get to enjoy uninterrupted hot water for 365 days, be it sunny or rainy days!

4. It’s Environmental-Friendly

Did you know that we are now living in the warmest decade on record? Minimizing the carbon footprint is thus a crucial thing that every one of us should do in order to reduce global warming and make our planet a greener and better place. One of the best ways to contribute to this is by using solar energy to heat up the water in our home, provided that it is an abundant and renewable source of energy that emits no harmful gas at all to the environment when used.

Solar energy

Hence, let’s start playing your part in protecting Mother Earth by using the solar water heater today. Even better, the TORA solar water heater, which requires no man-made complexities and thus is more environmental-friendly and pure than the other models.

5. Save Big on Your Electric Bills

To save over RM1,000 electric bills in a year is not a mission impossible if you start using the TORA solar water heater today. Why? Right, let us do some calculations for you. Let’s say you are in a house of 6 members, and each of you takes a 15-minute shower twice a day:

2 x 6 = 12 times x 15 minutes x 30 days = 5400 minutes = 90 hours

Assume that your house is using an instant water heater, then the monthly consumption power will be:

90 x 3.6 kw = 324 unit (TNB)

With that, the water heater usage alone will take up the following amount in your monthly electrical bill: 

First 200 kWh (1-200 kWh) per month: (200 * 21.8)/100          = RM43.60
Next 100 kWh (201-300 kWh) per month: (100 * 33.4)/100      = RM33.40

Next 300 kWh (301-600 kWh) per month: (24 * 51.6)/100        = RM12.38

Total = RM89.38

As a solar water heater requires zero consumption of electric power,  that would mean you will be able to save around RM1,000 in your electric bill every year with this scenario. And guess what? By saving RM1,000 yearly, you will be able to earn the money you spent on this solar water heater back within 3-4 years! How awesome is that!

6. Fast Services are Provided

Fast services responses are guaranteed given that the TORA solar is produced and assembled in Malaysia and has a professional team based here that could directly provide technical supports to households all over Malaysia. With that, instead of having to wait up to a few days or weeks, you are just one call away from getting a fast maintenance service upon facing any problem using the solar water heater.   

Big Bath is Ready to Serve You

You have known what]solar water heater is the best to choose from, and now it is the time for you to get it installed at your home. Contact our makeover consultant at or head over to our NINE outlets nationwide today!

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