TORA GraniteTech Sink : The Innovation of Sink

TORA GraniteTech Sink : The Innovation of Sink

Why Granite Tech Sinks? What makes it different from the ordinary sinks? If you don't already know, many homes are actually choosing Granite sinks now for few reasons, let us take you through : 

1. Heat Resistant 

Granite sinks will not fade or discolour when it is exposed to heat. Many of the sinks are installed near to windows that allows sunlight to shine in and to have sunlight shine towards the sink. Normal sinks will discolour after some time after being exposed, or worst, soften the solidity of the sink. This may not be a highlight but never ignore what heat can cause damage to your sink. 

2. Granite Sinks Last Longer! 

The sink is made of 20% acrylic resin & 80% granite. This make it stronger than normal sinks. They are built under high pressure which makes them non-porous, resistant to scratches and chips. Not just that, it is also resistant to many household stains such as, coffee, red wine, beet root and tea. Now, you will not need that stains will stay on your sink if you do not clean it properly, as it is also scratch resistant, you could now brush it with anything you like! Be it as soft as a sponge or even a solid aluminium brush! 

3. Granite Sinks Makes Your Home More Beautiful

Well, the argument is over! Granite sinks is obviously more attractive in looks comparing to other sinks. Why? Granite sinks normally comes in few colour tones by nature. This allows you to match accordingly to your renovation and design of your homes. Apart from that, it also comes in several shapes, sizes and configurations with matte finishing. Break out of the tradition, granite sinks are easier to match to your counter tops (top mounted) or even doing it bottom mounted. You now have more options to place your sink instead! 

4. Granite Sinks Are More Affordable 

Surely, Granite sinks are more expensive comparing the normal sinks. Why is it affordable then? Because Granite sinks have a stronger lifespan than the normal sinks. Instead of buying a sink that prices are slight different from Granite sinks but only has a lifespan of 5 years, might as well purchase the Granite sinks as the extra 'slight difference'  will at least extend a lifespan of another 5 years or more. 

Outbreak the tradition and have a better option to your kitchen! Many of the users choose the Granite sinks not just because it is trendier than the normal sinks, not just because it comes in many sizes and shapes but it is also because of the benefits behind it. It's not about how expensive or how cheap can an appliance be but quality is able to do a speak too. Get your TORA GraniteTech Sinks from us now at !

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