Maximise Your Small Bathroom Space with These Compact Cabinets

Maximise Your Small Bathroom Space with These Compact Cabinets

The main thing about bathrooms is how clean you get after a bath or shower, right? So, what does your bathroom consist of? Other than sanitaryware, we have our toiletries, like soaps, bottles of shampoo, toothpaste etc. just spread out on the basin top.

You do not have to compromise your comfort if you have a small bathroom. Having everything scattered around would make many people feel uneasy. Plus, if the bottle of shampoo falls tips over the edge of the basin and spills, it would create not only a mess, but also a slippery hazard to whoever walks in. Nobody should be living this way, we all deserve the comfort of having a tidy bathroom! 

Toiletries aside, not forgetting our skincare for the post-shower pamper. If you are a “Koreaboo”, perhaps you might follow a 7-step skincare routine that requires that many skincare products. Okay, even if you do not have as many skincare products, you would still need somewhere to store them.

A mirror cabinet is compact, and it conserves space by storing all your skincare products and  cosmetics in one place. The perfect spot to pamper yourself post-shower or get ready in the morning before going to work. How convenient!

A main basin cabinet set would be the perfect place to store spare toiletries and extra toilet rolls. Besides that, you can even store bathroom cleaning supplies all in the same space. These storage spaces not only keep your bathroom more organised, they also prevent the products from getting damp and wet. 

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