iSink 3.0- The Era of Intelligent Kitchen

iSink 3.0- The Era of Intelligent Kitchen

iSink 3.0 is a dual-function sink, equipped with a cup washer.

This sleek and modern kitchen equipment is produced from 304 stainless steel, with an X cross-section to facilitate proper water flow and carefully rounded corners for an improved aesthetic.

The iSink 3.0 is a simple yet effective cup washer, with a high-pressure water spray where cups and glasses of any shapes and sizes up to a diameter of 12.5 cm can be easily fit upon and efficiently cleaned. The water pressure and spraying operation enable iSink 3.0 to clean up to 1000 glasses in just an hour.

By pressing the inner surface of the cup downwards onto the spray with just a single hand, the spraying system will be activated and the cup will be clean in just a matter of seconds. Once you lift the cup, the water spray will stop functioning at once. Any water used in this process will be properly drained within the space strategically under the spray, improving the sink's aesthetic values.

isink intelligent kitchen sink

Better yet, iSink 3.0 also uses 0 power, relying solely on the pressure mechanism to spray water. Designed and refined to maximize water pressure, only a small amount of water is needed to rinse any dried stains and liquid within the cup. iSink 3.0 comes equipped with its own dryer rack positioned downwards of the water spray. Just like the other parts, the dryer section is also made of stainless steel with grid patterns to facilitate fast drying of the cups and glasses.

Having a sink in the kitchen is nothing new, but having the revolutionary iSink 3.0 that can save your time and modernize your kitchen - that's new. Install iSink 3.0 in your home with ease now without even requiring the help of your plumber!

The iSink 3.0 is officially released on the 3rd of July 2019 in Archidex which is taking place in KLCC Convention Hall. There will be a demonstration of the iSink 3.0 in Archidex so do head on down to have a look and be amazed by the functions and the details of the design.

Also, if you are interested in owning one of them, you can make a order via

Be one of the earliest to own the great iSink 3.0. A device that will make life easier.

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