Haiyaaa... MCO Again? Here are Some DIYs to Do at Home for Your Sanity!

Haiyaaa... MCO Again? Here are Some DIYs to Do at Home for Your Sanity!

Here we go again. What can we do about it, and safely? Here we go……


 1. Bath bombs galore!


Thought of making your own bath bombs? Do it. Youtube is a haven-scent (sorry, had to do it) place for tutorials. You can make your own recipes of many varieties — colours, textures, scents, sizes…… If you're not a fan of bath bombs, or have skin sensitivity issues, choose skin-friendly ingredients or make ‘em for someone else.


Or if you don’t have a bathtub, put it in a small bucket of water and let it dissolve there. Then use the water for your face, hair and body by a sink or in the shower.


Also, consider buying one of our bathtubs. Big Bath has a wide selection of bathroom products that allow you to pamper yourself after a long hard day at home. Visit our website for a chance to finally use that bath bomb!


 2. Self-Haircuts


Don’t worry, it’ll grow back if you hate it! Many folks are afraid to attempt this because of how it’ll turn out. But if you are feeling bold and have stopped caring about what people think, now is the PERFECT time to try this!


Start small — trim off split ends, chop off that fringe, or go BALD (Buzz Cuts are cool)!! Seriously, no one cares anymore. It’ll take a LOAD off your mind. Watch Youtube tutorials to pump yourself up with confidence. And if all else fails, there are always hats and caps.


3. Learn To Shop Online


Grocery shopping and ordering food online is the #newnorm now. Don’t know how to do that? Grab your phone. Do some research to see which shopping apps are the best for you, based on your needs (offer the greatest range of products and brands). Then download them and register for an account. Link your account(s) with your financial details and you can start shopping.


Hungry and no time to go out? Order online. Craving fast food or junk food or a cup of boba tea? Order online. Need that special, specific part for your computer, phone or other gadget? Order online and wait VERY patiently. Check for your order's journey and arrival but don’t obsess about it. Everyone is working hard after all during the pandemic. Be kind to whoever is answering your calls or delivering your packages to you.


Need (or want) a random knick knack but not vaccinated for the malls? Buy online! Simple. Just make sure the deal is reasonable (along with shipping charges) and the vendors are reliable. Good luck and don’t get carried away!



 4. Treat Yourself To A Home Spa


Spas, facials, manicures and pedicures. We deserve it all, even at home. But we got no products or resources or even time to do all of that! Ugh, forget it.


No, wait. Let’s start small instead. One by one, let’s check it off. Paint your fingernails your favourite colour first. That way, whatever you do with your hands, you will always see your favourite colour and be motivated to keep going. Then paint your toenails the same, a different, or a complementary colour. Up to you.


Next, do a facial to stay fresh. Wear a facemask as part of your skincare routine for a day. Sleep with a smile on your pretty face that everything is going to be okay.


These things don’t have to be a chore. Put on some relaxing music, candles or your favourite fragrances to make your home feel like a spa. Schedule it so that all your work is done and you have a whole day or period of time to finally relax from everything and treat yourself for free.



 5. Get Your COVID Vaccine


MySejahtera is your best friend here. Seriously, if you haven’t signed up, do it now. Or get someone close to you (like a family member) to sign you up as a dependent. Just download the app, register yourself, then proceed to the vaccine questions. READ THE QUESTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE ANSWERING, and fill up your particulars on ALL forms as accurately as possible. Then check daily to see if you are eligible for the vaccination.


You are basically unsafe EVERYWHERE OUTSIDE YOUR HOME without your vaccine, so get it if you want to go shopping or to the mamak again.


MySejahtera also allows you to be up-to-date with the latest figures surrounding the pandemic. Get it for free for accurate, current and important health information straight to your phone.

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