Always Getting into Arguments when Shopping with Your Partner? READ THIS!

Always Getting into Arguments when Shopping with Your Partner? READ THIS!

Shopping for and WITH a loved one for home products can result in a never-ending battle. A real struggle between mutual respect and freedom of choice. Here are some tips that can help you work things through and meet all your needs WITHOUT resulting in an all-out war.


1. Know Their (And Your Own) Preferences

Does your partner prefer a product by a certain Type? Size? Colour? Material? Position? How about you? Sit down and ask your partner these questions. Know what sort of product you need and get your specifications sorted out to prevent any awkward arguing in the store or home.



2. Know Your Brands and Retails

Some brands and retailers can sell you common things for a better price than other brands and retailers. Doing a bit of research and price-comparing can give you a better insight. We here at Big Bath aim to give you and your loved ones the highest quality products with the most affordable prices. Head on to our website to check out all the latest deals! Just like our Super Saver Months!



3. Know Your Measurements

Here’s a practical tip:

(1) Measure the areas in your house where you plan to install big things, like bathtubs, showers and sinks. Length, height, depth and width should all be considered.

(2) Knowing your numbers will help out a lot with picking out the product that fits just right and will save you and your partner a lot of headache.



4. Know Your Budget

Every Malaysian’s natural and utmost concern: the PRICE of a product after its function and quality. Set a budget with your partner and see how much money you can allocate for home products, then decide if each amount is reasonable for a certain product you need. Financial planning goes a long way. Arm yourself with knowledge, basic math skills and financial know-how to win this battle.



5. Compromise

Lastly, practice one of the most important values in a lasting relationship: Compromise. Sometimes, it's better to lose a quarrel and NOT get the exact colour, material or size you like than to lose a good person. Compromise. If you can get some products that you like, your partner should be able to get some products that they like, too. If you can get some specifications that you want on a single product, so does your partner. As long as the product fits can accommodate your and your partner’s needs AND fit into your budget, you’re all good.

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