5 Best Waterfalls in Malaysia - Which One is Your Favourite?

5 Best Waterfalls in Malaysia - Which One is Your Favourite?

Waterfalls. Cascades. Majestic. Powerful. Cleansing. Healing. They are Mother Nature's very life flow. The very force that keeps her blood pumping through the Earth. While we don't all have waterfalls to chase after in our backyard, we can still seek some out within our states. Here are some to look out for if you live near one, lucky you.

1. Jeram Linang Waterfall, Kelantan


Located in the Jeram Linang Eco Forest Park (set within the Ulu Sat Forest Reserve) in Machang, this place is lovely for camping. However, camping is prohibited for now due to the pandemic. Hiking is still allowed and basic changing facilities are available in case you get wet or dirty, so bring a spare change of clothes (and socks and shoes) just in case. For your safety, avoid hiking during rainy seasons due to slippery ground. The mini zoo and playground nearby are suitable for children.


 Jerum Linang waterfall


 2. Rainbow Falls, Pahang


True to its name, these waterfalls can reflect light and create rainbows at different times of the day. The mist makes the experience…… extra mist-ical (sorry, mystical). The best time to view this would be after a rainfall. So put on your sturdiest hiking shoes, bring your camping gear, and camp right next to the waterfall like it's a concert to not miss out on the experience. Don't forget to bring your camera!


Rainbow waterfall

3. Sungai Chiling Waterfalls, Selangor


Waterproof boots, go! After trekking across six rivers, only then can you reach this waterfall that doubles as a fish sanctuary. The currents can get strong but the trek is 100% safe. Bring an extra pair of socks and good ol' regular running shoes if you wanna play it real safe. Surrounded by dense jungles, take in all the greenness around you and feel yourself being swallowed whole by nature, in a good way! Bonus: Entrance fee is only RM1.00!


Sungai Chiling waterfall


4. Sekayu Waterfall, Terengganu


The Terengganese are proud of this natural tourist attraction. Recommended: spend at least half a day of your trip at this waterfall and follow all safety precautions. Do not get too excited and lose your bearings at this Sekayu Recreational Forest wonder (Kuala Berang). Other attractions worth bringing your children along to include beautiful gardens, fruit orchards, fish ponds and a mini zoo. Bonus point: Entrance fee is also only RM1.00!


Sekayu waterfall

5. Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells) Waterfalls, Langkawi Island


This waterfall gets its name from seven different waterfalls that fill up seven intertwined pools. It is located in a protected forest reserve, the Machinchang Forest Reserve. Sintuk and lime plants grow plentifully here so bring your camera and bathing suit and get ready to take a revitalising dip in one of the upper pools, too! No entrance fee required (yeah, man!).


Telaga Tujuh waterfall

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