Muji Series Solid Wood Mirror Cabinet

SKU: TR-BBC-MC-16311

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Discover the perfect blend of simplicity and style with our Muji Series Mirror Cabinet. Crafted with clean lines and minimalist design, it adds a touch of modern sophistication to your bathroom. Maximize storage space and enjoy the convenience of a mirror and cabinet in one. Elevate your bathroom experience with Muji's sleek and functional design.

Measurement: L560 X H700mm

Cabinet Material:  Multi-layer Solid Wood Unpainted Board

Benefits:  High-end and atmospheric, the wooden material provides a comfortable and relaxing experience, bringing you back to nature.

Maintenance:  Avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat sources, and avoid scratching with hard objects. If there are stains, avoid using alcohol, gasoline, or other chemical solvents to remove them."

Warranty: Manufacturer Defect-(Black Spot)-3 months warranty. Manufacturer Defect - (Rusty)-1 year warranty.

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