SENZ SZ-SOV70108 – 70L All in 1 FlexiSteam Pro intelClean Oven


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The ultimate all-in-one oven for the modern kitchen! With the SENZ SZ-SOV70108, you can bake, grill, steam, and air fry your favorite dishes with ease. Its spacious 70-litre capacity means you can cook multiple dishes at once, and its intelligent features make it easy to get perfect results every time.

Key features:

  • 4 cooking functions: bake, grill, steam, and air fry
  • 70-litre capacity
  • Fully digital display with 108 auto menus
  • Child safety lock
  • Timer and temperature function
  • Steam or bake mode
  • Fermentation mode
  • Steam auto cleaning function


  • Convenience: The SENZ SZ-SOV70108 is easy to use, with its simple controls and auto menus.
  • Versatility: The 4 cooking functions mean you can cook a variety of dishes, from appetizers to desserts.
  • Healthiness: Steaming is a healthy way to cook food, as it preserves nutrients and reduces fat.
  • Ease of cleaning: The steam auto cleaning function makes it easy to keep your oven clean.

Contact us now and experience the convenience, versatility, and healthiness of the SENZ SZ-SOV70108 All in 1 FlexiSteam Pro intelClean Oven!

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