SENZ SZ-GS388 Cooker Hob

SKU: SZ-KEA-CH-12552

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The SENZ Tri-Ringz Gas Hob features triple ring burners where each ring’s flame in adjustable and controllable on its own. You can decide the heat intensity and amount of rings needed based on your chosen cookware, cooking method & what you’re cooking. Truly elevating your cooking experience!

  • Tripe Rings for 3 x times the control
  • Top-notch brass burner (6.4kW)
  • 8mm thickness premium tempered glass
  • Fast ignition technology
  • Built-in Flame Failure Device  (Auto gas cut-off within 15 seconds)
  • High quality tempered glass
  • Battery operated auto-ignition
  • Removable burner cap
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety valve
  • Gas type: LPG
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