SENZ STELLA L Shape Design Heat Pro intelClean Cooker Hood


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SENZ STELLA L Shape Design Heat Pro intelClean Cooker Hood - Sleek, stylish, and powerful, the SENZ STELLA L Shape Design Heat Pro intelClean Cooker Hood is the perfect addition to any kitchen. With its powerful 1700 m3/h suction power, it can easily remove cooking fumes and odors, leaving your kitchen fresh and clean. The heat auto cleaning function makes it easy to keep your cooker hood clean, while the exhaust/recirculation option gives you flexibility in how you use it. And with its sleek L shape design and black tempered glass finish, it's sure to complement any kitchen décor.


Model No: SZ-CH3288AC

Sleek and modern L shape design with black tempered glass which makes

it very easy to clean

Suction power: 1700 m3/h

Heat auto cleaning function

Exhaust / recirculation option

Turbo mode

Metal oil cup which is 5 times bigger than traditional size

LED light

Recommended installation height from gas hob:

400mm ~ 500mm

Recommended installation height from electric hob:

300mm~ 450mm

Stainless steel wall cap

3 meters aluminum hose (hose dimension: 180mm (7”))

Coring dimension at wall for installing wall cap: 150mm (6”)

Included: a connector will be provided to connect 180mm to 150mm for easy installation

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