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Enhance your home decor with a classic Rezo AX56 fan in a stylish Matt White colour. With its sleek design and comfortable airflow, this fan is perfect for any living space. Experience optimal cooling with its advanced motor and blades, and enjoy a more energy-efficient environment. Enjoy convenience with its remote control feature, and take advantage of its silent operation. Get your Rezo Classic AX56 fan today and enjoy a comfortable and stylish cooling experience.

Product: Classic AX56 Ceiling Fan
Colour: Matt White

- Dimensions: 56”/1400mm diameter
- Motor: 130W DC Motor
- Features: 6-speed remote control, timer function, natural wind mode, sleep mode
- Noiseless and energy efficient, up to 70% energy saving compared to conventional fan
- High air delivery up to 13,200m³/hr
- Vibration free operation
- Long lifespan up to 40,000 hours
- 4 ABS plastic blades
- 3 years warranty

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